Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

Hmm, can’t remember any GBLTQ. To be honest I haven’t read it since high school (which, granted, was only two years ago) but your post suddenly reminded me of it. The protag is a girl named Vin, I remember liking her a lot. The magic and the world is really cool-- it’s sort of a depressing place, which I know you don’t like, but uh, it makes sense in the end. If you look at your post, you can probably guess why lol.

Thanks! It would have been fun. I’ll slot it in after Beast in the Castle and the spy game I am dying for.


Oh female protagonist. I might look into it then. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion.


Darn you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, awesome idea. To many thing to even try that but sure got my mind turning over a story in my head lol.


You can play this way in the Fallen Hero wip.


I haven’t played the updated version, but I don’t like any villain/person who attacks/uses civilians or people who haven’t done anything wrong (unless it’s in a light-hearted story like the Wanted: Dragon mobile app). What makes the MC better than their pawns? If I was a good citizen, I wouldn’t want to be stolen from, mind controlled, or other bad things. If MC’s actions were justified, why couldn’t MC just ask for help and people willing help MC of their own free will? This makes me think that the MC only cares about themself and their plans and for some reason thinks their wants are more important than anyone else’s. This is not how my MC would act.

I prefer to at least have some morals like the MC in the Red Spider series who tries to protect innocents. Or, like a Dexter-ish serial killer who only kills serial killers.

  1. The Pitch
    You are a soccer manager tasked with revitalizing a lowly English Soccer team to become contenders and eventually champions.
    Sign free agents, deal with impatient management, and become a great coach.
    Handle egos, and spies for other teams.
    Use tactical knowledge or be a motivator to build the team.
    The stage is set. Can you deliver?

  2. Lawless
    Become the biggest gangster of all time! You were just a high school kid, when you found out that your mother and your sister were murdered right outside your house in cold blood. You promised revenge and joined a gang to find out who did it and why. Become the head of either the Drips or Zuds (change these names by all means, cause they suck) and fight for control of territory, against dirty cops, and to be the most famous gangster of all time.
    Rise through the ranks of your respective gang and try to take your enemies down- or be a double, or even triple agent and cause the destruction of all three. (Zips, Droods or Police).
    Be an honorable gangster or a borderline psychopathic one. (Kill random civilians or go on murderous rampages).
    Be remembered 10 years after your retirement/demise to see how your actions affected the future of gangs and/or cops.
    Find out the truth of who ordered the hit on your house, killing your mom and sister. And exact cold, dirty, and pure unadulterated revenge.

More to come later. Post here for more ideas or to comment on the ones already here. All are avaliable for claiming. Cheers!!


We call it football, by the way! :stuck_out_tongue:


Its for all of the Americans in the house!! Lol.


Choice of the vigilante.
Your hometown is having an increase in crime after a particularity bad economic crisis.The police is seemingly unable to keep things under control and you’ve finally decided to go out and do something about it by yourself.
*what is your idea of justice and how will you enforce it?
*what will you do to fund your vigilante lifestyle and how will those actions affect your city?
*can you stay a champion of justice or will you go down a dark path and become the villain?


I love it!! Are you planning to write this, or are you adding to the list of “free” ideas?

It’s a free idea that anyone can adopt.Since we already have some games where you play the criminal (killing time,thieves gambit etc) I thought a game about being in a more “grey” relationship with the law could make for an interesting change of pace


I was going to suggest one about a lawyer, but I need to flesh out the details. That is a nice change of pace considering previous entries into the COG series/Hosted Games.

I might actually pull Lawless bc I like it so much! Lol I’ll think about it.

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Wow I didn’t except anyone to adopt my idea this quickly.:open_mouth:I feel humbled.


Meh, Soccer is at least Google distinctive, I suppose we could call it “sport adapted from a bunch of Aztecs kicking the skulls of their enemies around a field to the modern day” but it’s not as catchy as either soccer or football. Maybe non-American football will do?

Choice of moving paperwork around then, since most lawyers are not in-fact high-powered litigators (most of the time), particularly when operating under continental/civilian law rather than common law.
That said modern practice around here has become somewhat more like the adversarial set-up of common law around here over the years, but that is mainly due to cutbacks on the number and time of judges so not all judges are in fact up to speed enough to be asking most of the questions during the actual trial. Still I imagine our courtrooms would be alien to most Americans since in practice it is the judge who interrupts, redirects and overrules our questions with their own.

The first Deathless game is about a fantasy version of American lawyers/litigators starting out in a fantasy version of one of their huge firms, so it is more or less about the lawyer experience.


It’s not my fault that dumb Americans decided to apply “football” to an entirely different sport. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was actually adapted from a peasant game of kicking an inflated pig bladder around. It usually involved a lot of people, sometimes whole villages.

There were no rules - as long as you didn’t kill anyone, anything goes - and kicking was not even necessary, it was just often the fastest option, which is why modern football involves kicking. It was originally called just “ball”.


So, any idea that pops out at you? Any you want to watch for? Any that seem like a good idea?

choice of pollotitians

  • can you stand D.T long enough?
  • will H.C drive you insane?
  • what will it take for you to get to the top?
  • yes, we have biscuits.

(please don’t make this, it is a joke)

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A phantom of the Opera inspired game would be nice. Maybe a game about a play where the MC can be a stage hand, actor or other job. There could also be a mystery like a cursed set and lots of relationship building. You could even choose whether to sabatoge the play and your reason for being there like looking good on a school application, a love of the theater, wanting to be the co-lead and have a kissing scene with your crush,or a strange punishment.

Any game with a haunting that’s not purely horror.

Choice of the seer. You can see the future, but you only have visions of bad events and one day you begin to question if you are the one causing the bad events.

Choice of the narrator.


hehehe, Jynx, I was just thinking that on this stupid train. though, it would be nice if the phantom was an actual phantom or some sort of creature of the night then it will make the game a whole lot more interesting (unless you have retrophobia than I guess you would prefer the original) and you can have some sort of ‘time song’ plot behind it or something. but of course feel free to ignore your friendly neighbourhood Galactic dragon, I am used to it.

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