Story ideas for bored authors with time on their hands

  1. The Pitch
    You are a soccer manager tasked with revitalizing a lowly English Soccer team to become contenders and eventually champions.
    Sign free agents, deal with impatient management, and become a great coach.
    Handle egos, and spies for other teams.
    Use tactical knowledge or be a motivator to build the team.
    The stage is set. Can you deliver?

  2. Lawless
    Become the biggest gangster of all time! You were just a high school kid, when you found out that your mother and your sister were murdered right outside your house in cold blood. You promised revenge and joined a gang to find out who did it and why. Become the head of either the Drips or Zuds (change these names by all means, cause they suck) and fight for control of territory, against dirty cops, and to be the most famous gangster of all time.
    Rise through the ranks of your respective gang and try to take your enemies down- or be a double, or even triple agent and cause the destruction of all three. (Zips, Droods or Police).
    Be an honorable gangster or a borderline psychopathic one. (Kill random civilians or go on murderous rampages).
    Be remembered 10 years after your retirement/demise to see how your actions affected the future of gangs and/or cops.
    Find out the truth of who ordered the hit on your house, killing your mom and sister. And exact cold, dirty, and pure unadulterated revenge.

More to come later. Post here for more ideas or to comment on the ones already here. All are avaliable for claiming. Cheers!!