Life of a soccer player would it be a good game?


ok i want to make a soccer game i know all the rules of soccer aka football so i will do fine but i need to know who would play it


i found that it will be very boring so there will also be some life sim in it like u can buy stuff with ur money and all


and tell me if there is anything else that will make it more interesting


I think you might want to slow down with your projects. You have that ninja game and that On the Run game, and you really shouldn’t do more than two projects at a time. I read somewhere here that it is not recommended to write more than two games at a time, but I can’t seem to find the page.


The football is great irule but i think ItalionStalion has reason with the number or proyects you can take. When your finish your actual proyects i like help you with this


What ItalionStalion said. Seriously, don’t do too much. I would recommend just noting down your other ideas. So that when you’re finished with your current ones and want to make more, you have a list of things to choose from.

That’s how I manage it.


I’d be interested in the idea certainly, there’s a game called New Star Soccer which is a cross between arcade and life sim which is very addictive, so I don’t see why the concept wouldn’t work. As others have said though, don’t spread yourself too thin!


Finish one of your others first or you’ll get a reputation for producing nothing but half-assed attempts before ditching games for others, sorry but that’s the truth of it.

I’ve seen it happen many a time.




ok i will finish the ninja game first


ok i have played ninja game to be really long iam just going to make part 1 and then start making this game k


If you think that is the best thing to do, then you should do it. I think the life of a soccer player could be interesting, but you shouldn’t overwork yourself.


true that plus i got a soccer league going on for me right now