Which game should i make?

ok i heard many people say that i should finish my games before i start a new 1 but i have a question… which game should i make???
Ninjas: the 2 worlds
Demigods: Rise of the fallen god
which is basiccally the demi god game but a little twist in it which will make it very interesting. can’t tell any thing else

I vote for Ninjas: The 2 worlds.

just telling the demigod game has more fighting scenes and seems more interesting too me and both games will be started over cause there were too many mistakes in both so i will start them both over

accually iam just going to make which ever game i like… iam not a paitent man and i can’t wait untill people reply

i am going to make the demi god game, to a certain point like up to part 1 then make the ninja game up to part 1 but if u guys like the demi gods game more then i will continue making it but if u guys think i need to start making the ninja game then i will start making the ninja game but plz this time if u find anything which might ruin the game tell me and i will fix it so i don’t have to make the whole game over again

Except you are a teen not a man…

I agree that you should work on the demi god one if that is more interesting to you.

ok demi gods and yeah iam a teen so boy fantom would u like to help or work on ur own game… though i want to try this alone…???

I should probably work on my own first. I’m not very good at working on multiple projects apparently. When I was briefly helping you with the ninja game I wasn’t able to do anything on my own game.

ok no problem goodluck ur game bro

ok i will make the demo for the game and then put it on


ok the storyline has changed so it only has very little percy jackson stuff the only percy jackson stuff is demigods :stuck_out_tongue:

ok guys i need to know something… in my game i will be changing the concept of mythology changing it up… i am just wondering if that would be offensive to the greek people… so like i do not have a god called zeus in my game or something like that would that be offensive?

Well, it depends. What is it about? Please don’t say, and not to discriminate others- A drunk God with a Baseball bat wearing Khakis. That there I think is… Offensive.

OK I won’t do that but there is a God if wine so he can be drunk right

Blood of wine wasted 24/7 :smiley: