Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


I thought I showed admirable restraint. :octopus:

@HomingPidgeon talked me into it.


Tress hair ?? Tress is always awesome :smile:

Here is my detective MC with Trench Coat and being engulfed by Tress’s hair :blush:


I’m curious to see it, though I feel that won’t work for me anyway. There is always something…


After StarStreakers…and after CCH3…and after going back to Talon City…comes…!

This group hits every demographic and genre! Will print moneh!!!


Will stoic be an RO? I need me some stoic🤤
Where is sci fi? :cold_sweat:


It’s been confirmed
(20 chars)


I wouldn’t go that far, and I wrote it. :slight_smile:

People mean different things when they say “RO.” I’ll just say that there are a decent amount of social interactions with Speck 7, and that players may headcanon some additional stuff to flip in any gaps.

Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Get a free Dirty Girl RPG sheet! Post 1753)

I just replayed the first one in anticipation for the new one and the wait is killing me. I cant wait to finally see what happens next


Part 2 always scared me the most, because until I finished it, I doubted my ability to finish the trilogy. Part 2 was the hump in the “getting over the hump” part. Hell, anyone can write one story. Following up and delivering a sequel shows, I think, that you’re serious!

Hopefully readers and reviewers will feel more confident in there being a Part 3, now that 2 is done.


Waiting with bated breath.



Captain Planet approves. :wink:


It’s Community College Hijinks day! It’s strip #004, the first of our original four-strip batch. @HomingPidgeon and I have finished another batch, so you’ll definitely see strips #005-#008 this spring and summer!

Patrons, the strip has already been posted.

Everyone else, the strip will be posted on when I get home from work tonight.


:astonished: Omg, your new profile pic! Is that Hedonist? If so he’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes::heart:


Yep, it’s Hedonist. And he never gets tired of compliments.


(I will post daily as different characters as we lead up to release)

"It is I, the most distinguished professor in the “Heroes Among Us” Program, the Hedonist. -slight pause- Yes, it is a low ceiling.

Today I announce the continuation of my epic story of growth (not that kind of growth) in “Knowledge is Power,” releasing this Thursday, May 17th.

It would be my…pleasure…to hear what you admire most about me. Perhaps we could compile a list."


Physical growth, personal growth… meh, all the same to him :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking forward to publication. Well done Eric.


(my MC)
Tell me, o great and mighty Hedonist, can you suffer? Because I will make you suffer like a dog.
Can your ego survive? Becuase I will put your face in to the mud, metaphorically and litterally.
And then, everyone will se who you really are: a small pathetic man who cries like a baby when his desires are not satisfied

ps sorry mr Moser but I have to take somewhere my revenge on the Hedonist, if I can’t take it in the story, no offense


I haven’t played CCH 1 and it’s been in my to-buy titles for a while but now I saw Hedonist and I was wondering if he is an RO?

(I know…Some of you will question my sanity… )


I do not question your sanity, I applaud your good taste lol