Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


I feel you… and not in the way hedonist tries to.

I really dislike hedonist due to issues pertaining to certain infringements of the law. More specifically pertaining to laws referring to criminal sexual conduct by a person of authority under the subsection of coercion, having had previously been caused physical harm by said individual and/or having been witness to physical violence caused by said individual, and in great fear of bodily harm to oneself if refusing ‘consent’. Then there is the offering of a slightly better grade attached to the offer of criminal sexual conduct via coercion.

Yes, I used to put people like him in prison for a living.


Well to be fair the Hedonist didn’t force you to do things with him or harm you in any way.
But yeah, I’m pretty sure the part with offering better grades for sex is illegal.


He’s still coercing students by implying they will suffer penalties to their grades if they don’t perform for him sexually.

That, and the way he is always putting his hands on Mob without permission and making him uncomfortable, makes me want to kick his ass.



There doesn’t have to be force involved, just the fear. The implied threat of bodily harm is enough. Yeah, he didn’t ‘force’ anybody, but irl that is a lot of psychological pressure from somebody that is regarded as an authority figure who has shown power to cause massive violence and bodily harm.

That’s near text book definition of coercion in the statutes regarding criminal sexual conduct.

He’d be doing 20 to 40, easily.

Also like bobsmyuncle said. Beat me to it as I was mid typing on my phone while getting dressed.

Also… um he did cause you physical harm in some people’s play through…


I will try to pick a less controversial character tomorrow. Like…anyone else.


I am very conflicted on my feelings towards the Hedonist. One on hand, personality wise, he is very much my type. I really like characters that are very confident and charismatic, and the over-the-topness of it makes me laugh.

But then the things he does are… well… bad. I mean, I was more forgiving when I just played it myself I didn’t learn Dirty Girl’s secret but now knowing everything… Mmmmmmm…

Personally, I think it would’ve been hilarious if you changed nothing about him but then let the MC flirt with him constantly cuz he seems like the type to be into it, but anytime you tried he would gently turn you down. I think that would’ve been both hilarious and would make him more interesting.


Well, at least the art is really impressive!


@defenestratin did a great job! The cover has five of the professors/faculty, all of whom are less controversial than the Hedonist.


I have two MC’s and Archangel has wanted to turn his face into paste ever since his “pretty young lady” comments about Tress. He’s a pretty chill guy but nobody fucks with Clyde Rivers or his friends.

Winter White aka Justice angel is way more on board since she’s all about getting everybody’s approval and getting in their pants. Hence going for Crook and Dirty Girl simultaneously.


I am eager to buy this the day it comes out. :grinning:


Nononononononono. No. Just no. Don’t give him any ideas like that! I wouldn’t want the MC to be turned down! :fearful: (That, and I also fail to see how that could make anyone more interesting…)


It’s not a penalty but a bonus grade, you can get an A just from being a soldier with high thud.

I really disliked him in the first game though, both because of his behavior and also because he gives you a D if you try to dodge his punch even when it’s the logical thing to do.


To be fair, he does tell you to try to block it, not dodge it.
You wouldn’t dodge an attack if a civilian was behind you, is the takeaway I got from his test.


I’d rather not take a direct punch, especially on a character with low thud and no armor (like the sharpshooter) when I’m much better at dodging.

It seems like he’s just enjoying hitting people


Yes because you are a squishy person as a sharpshooter or a detective.
That’s like taking a maths test if you have dyscalculia.
Doesn’t mean he especially likes hitting you, but the standardised test for a hero defense course is that they can take a hit. I’m sure Prestige and Savior both have far more rigorous defense tests than a hero punching you at less than half strength while you try your best to tank it.


It’s been a while since I played but I was a detective so my options were to dodge or get knocked on my ass. So then my MC has this teacher telling her she’s getting a bad grade unless she does something X-rated. It was creepy and gross, and she was even madder to find out he made the same offer to her friends. It’s hard because she’s stuck with this creep in a position of authority so she has to tread a line between being respectful so as not to get expelled, and trying to protect herself, her friends and fellow students.

If a math professor has a student with dyscalculia, what they should do is offer extra tutoring or find professional materials to help accommodate or work around the problem. Not offer a better grade if the student performs sex acts.


Fair but I’m the kind of person who agrees with Downfall 100%, villains won’t offer extra tutoring to help you beat them so if your study group didn’t help you toughen up then too bad. If I was a teacher on a hero course I’d rather flunk a student out than let them risk their lives and the lives of others.


In a fight with a villain I’d just dodge or counter, or attack from long range without getting detected.

It’s better to focus on your strengths (speed) rather than your weaknesses, in a real fight you could die if you don’t dodge


I mean, school is supposed to teach you what you don’t know. That’s the whole reason we’re at Speck and not out there trying to fistfight the Diabolical Dozen from the start.

That’s the other thing that I dislike about Hedonist and Downfall (and I want to point out I don’t hate her - not a fan of her philosophy or safety standards in the classroom, but at least she isn’t a sexmonster). Not everyone has the same strengths. But they don’t bother developing their students or teaching them to work the problem from another angle. No, everything has to be a toe to toe slugfest.


I think a lot of the lack of teaching issues stem from the fact that the game appears to take place over the course of a week and there’s only 2-4 chances to increase stats depending on how well you do.