In the top (WIP)


Heyo! Sooo… I’ve been around for a while and after seeing a lot of cool stories i decided to write one~ It will be kinda hard since english isn’t my first language but hey! hopefully you guys will help me by correcting my mistakes ehh;;;

I passed the last few weeks thinking about the theme and other stuff and i’ve decided the basics at least :sweat_smile: uhh, but…i’ve put together all my ideas and i think i nailed it pretty well for my first time heh. Anyways, i managed to do a small summary and i’ll try my best to updated it, and i’ll post some character designs too~ :sunny:


"You woke up in the midst of a forest. It was drizzling and the only source of light was a full moon shining beautifully in the dark sky. Looking around, wondering how did you get there, a small headache started to form making it hard to concentrate. But what exactly were you trying to remember? You searched back and forth your memories but it was empty. Not even a name.

With a urge to find what happened to your memories, you enter the forest determined to discover."


I’m planning on focusing heavily in human interactions and for the character designs i would really like if you guys gave me sugestions :relaxed:

Welp! That’s it for now~


What will we find in the woods? Zombies? Mutants? Experimented on people? Were our memories stolen rather than lost? Did the memory thief do something stupid which allows us to track him down? Are we actually on an island? Are we the only character left alive on the planet? Did apes take over the planet? Is Gorilla Grodd the Memory thief?

We need more details, maan!


Ooh, this sounds interesting! I agree with Doctor, though, more details would be nice~ Is there something special about this forest we woke up in? Is the forest magic? Are the rest of the characters the inhabitants of the forest? Are they, like, mythological creatures?? :heart_eyes: Will I be able to romance a super cute forest spirit…? Or is there a tribe in the forest that will take us under their wing? Is the protagonist a mythological creature? :open_mouth: Okay, maybe that’s not what you’re planning, but either way, sharing more of your plans and ideas for this story would help the discussion~!
I can’t really give suggestions for character designs with so little details, but I can direct you to 16 personalities! This is super helpful for building character personalities, trust me, I’ve used it tons of times :heart:
Is the plot so far just the search for your memories? That would be interesting, slowly uncovering your memories and discovering you have a family out there looking for you… oh, so much potential for inner conflict~~


Yeah. I agree with the rest. More details mean that we’ll be able to give back better feedback. Although, please say there is Magic involved in this game. I love magic! :fire:


A Gorilla Grodd cameo would be stellar.

Also, maybe a throwaway line about this one moron who went into a forest and started stealing poorly drawn art and was apprehended by a well-dressed faceless humanoid figure who asked him to stop stealing his kid’s precious drawings.

(There aren’t any fridges in the woods, so Slenderman had to improvise.)


Hmm… I guess the cause of the stolen memories was due to a very powerful curse… I didn’t gave too many details since i want to post everything i wrote so far. I can say it will be very detailed (kinda :sweat_smile:)

And yes there will be lots of magic *winkwonk


Thank you for the tips! I have some stuff in mind now, but the personality test is really helpful :blush:

Ps: The forest spirit idea is good, i liked it ahaha~ :laughing:


Well, I eagerly await a demo~ :smile: I’m very glad there’s gonna be lots of magic, I enjoy a good fantasy story! Witches, warlocks, monsters, heck yeah~~
Ooh, a powerful curse! Looks like someone was out to get revenge on the MC. Or, y’know, they were being a big ol’ jerk.
I will happily smooch a forest spirit :kissing_closed_eyes: