Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


Great news. Congratulations on getting another game out :slightly_smiling_face:


@viper32153, nothing is more important than spending time with Origami!

@Rinnegato, my mother promised to buy it as well, so that’s two at least!

@Nocturnal_Stillness, thank you very much! I feel like I retained more of what I learned doing this one. Writing Part 1 was a blur. I still don’t know what I’m doing codewise, but I’m picking up a few things.


You’ll keep picking up more streamlined code as you progress. It’s always great to see what you’ve learned.


Discovering CSIDE is definitely helping with my new WiP. I wrote CCH1 and 2 without touching it.


Definitely @CJW is a lifesaver.


Amen to that. (Twenty approving characters)


If we play as a detective will we be able to do some detective work?


There are a few chances to find out more info, yes. Not a ton, but they’re there.


The first CCH roleplay card will be released sometime in early May!

Voting to decide who the first character will be ends tonight at midnight, EST!

So if you’d like to get in on that, check out my Patreon community at Even $1 Patrons get to vote on it, but only $3 and $5 Patrons will actually get the card. To get the card, you’d have to be signed up by the end of the month.

The talented @defenestratin is working with me on the cards, and I think they will be pretty darn cool!

*To be clear, they will be some sort of PDF or PNG image that you can DL from my Google Drive. They are not physical items that would be shipped.


i will becoming a patron Tuesday/tomorrow. :star_struck so excited


I will be excited to have you aboard! :slight_smile:

There are a ton of side projects I’d like to get out to my Patrons, and frankly I’ve been holding off on a few ideas, waiting for CCH2 to be published so I can actually openly talk about it!

But there are still Q&As, sneak peaks at Hijinks, voting on the RP cards, and if I gather enough support, more CCH short fiction (and hopefully some StarStreakers stuff too!)


Do you think you’ll reveal (on forum, twitter, etc) which character the card will be for so if it’s a character people are especially interested in they’ll know to hop on and pledge? And will the cards only be available for that month, or will people who sign up later on still get access to previous months’ cards?


Yup I plan to reveal the winner later this week…people would still have until April 30th to sign up, so I might as well try to entice them.

And no, people who sign up later won’t get all the old ones. If you pay for a month, you get that month’s card. I want to be fair to folks who were the first to sign up.

That being said, since most folks won’t even find out about the Patreon until CCH2 is published (all my social media buttons are featured at the end), I might consider offering a higher price “Let me catch up” Tier in the future, where those new Patrons would earn access to all the cards they missed.

I am counting on many people’s natural “must collect them all” instincts. And hell, at one per month, I have probably 3 years worth of good characters to offer. (I can even offer a few villains soon)


Replaying CCH so it’s all FRESH for the next few weeks :smiley: Can’t wait!


I should probably do that too! Some of it was written back in 2013, so yeah it’s been a while since I’ve closely examined some scenes, especially the ones in Issue 1.


May I take this opportunity to ask if, with the code offering more possibilities now, you plan on possibly expanding/polishing the first game at some point?


I have no plans to tweak Part 1.

In fact, I went out of my way to avoid making changes to Part 1 when I was finalizing Part 2’s logistics during beta testing. I’m converting some old Part 1 stats to new Part 2 stats to better help me go forward, and I hope that part goes smoothly. It’s my biggest worry about the launch.


Good luck with that :+1:


I like my ending in CCH 1, where i improve my relationship with Tess as high as possible … i support Tess to be our leader, and have no plan to topple her (even though it was an option when i read the epilogue :slight_smile:) …i also follow her to unmask myself and gave her my real name , so i am eager to continue the romance route with Tess and back her up… i know my academic result was bad, and should probably replay to improve it :stuck_out_tongue:


#003 of the strip is live on my web site! You know where to go by now! Check out Stoic’s morning routine.