Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


The best strip (until now) with the best character is out on my birthday. Thank you ,


I pretty much just made an account on the Choice of Games forums specifically to look for a thread like this (although I have been lurking around other posts).

First off, I wanted to say that I genuinely find the characters enjoyable. They feel more alive and fleshed out than the ones from other games that I’ve played, like they have actual significance to the story. My personal favorite is Dirty Girl, she’s nowhere near as haughty as Crook but just as much fun. Even the characters I didn’t go out of my way to get to know where funny and charming.

One thing that frustrated me was though was lack of pursuable guys. Crook is married, Stunner is axed in the first game and while I was excited and surprised that Hedo seemed to have become an option…well that was shutdown rather quickly as well.

Also, I was genuinely disappointed when Nil got fired. When he was introduced, I felt like being a sneaky girl and having a different kind of power (Influence, blackmail, etc) could actually be my thing. I do hope he comes back, even if its against me.

Thanks for all your hard work!


Fingers crossed that we can still pursue a long-distance relationship in CCH2. Given the lack of communication that his university imposes on students, maybe we have to go full-analog and send him mushy handwritten letters and dorky polaroid selfies.

I thought that we could pursue a romance with Crook, at least in CCH2?


Yeeeeaaaahhh but how far can a relationship with a married man really go though?


Far enough, if you’re my trashy homewrecker MC. :joy:


High five! :raised_hands:t2: (20202)


Is stoic a romance option in this one??


I think she is yes, I heard Hedonist and at least one of the female teachers might be as well but that might have been dropped.


I ended up limiting the relationships (friends and otherwise) because there was so much plot involved, and I had to make some tough choices. There are still plenty of social scenes, but there are also lots of moving parts plotwise to progress the story to the jumping off point I needed to reach for CCH3.


i dont know how long ago this post was made. i just finished playing through the Community College Hero part 1. and i am in tears. wonderful story and my god was i on edge these past 3 days. (i go to real college too lol)

i gotta say. i cant wait to see whats in store for the next part and if i could do beta for the series i would be more than happy to help out.


On the one hand: the release got pushed back
On the other: it’s coming out the day after my finals are done, so that’s nice.


On one hand: I don’t mind there being fewer interpersonal interactions for the sake of plot. (I officially forever-aloned the 1st book, after all, with only Crook and Hedonist to keep my spirits up, and didn’t make that many friends).
On the other hand: if the only 2 people I’m interested in get killed off or otherwise become unavailable by the 3rd instalment, God, would I be sad that this book didn’t give me at least something to remember.
So for now I’m just sitting here, hoping for the best.


Well…at least you got two people…my MC at most got Stoic… (the secondary character parade doesn’t really count as option…). Not sure what to do should she end up being unlikable, so I really hoped for a few more chances to establish MC’s relationship with the other characters. ¯_(ツ)_/ ¯ We will see, no reason to worry before we even played the game.


“Got” is a bit of a strong word for these two scumbags… but your situation is worse, yes.
On the upside, there are a lot of people who are interested in Stoic, so there is a very good chance for her to become a proper RO… at some point. Maybe?
Hedonist and Crook, however… :confounded:


I’m really looking forward to CCH2 but I admit I AM curious about the RO options. My MC last time kinda flirted with everybody haha but the major moments were:

Fooled around with the Hedonist in his office (MC didn’t even bother with the exam, he wanted to get hands on with the Hedonist in other ways :wink: The Hedonist was like “you get an A” and MC was like “Thanks, you - oh right, the exam…”

Started dating Stunner (Idk he grew on me. I kinda hope we get the option to do long distance because I’d like to see where things go with Stunner)

Kissed Crook (I admit I kinda forgot MC was with Stunner when this option popped up :joy: They never talked about it again I don’t think so who knows what will come of that!)

I’m pretty sure he flirted with Tress and others so who knows what will happen :rofl:


God Hedonist just pulled al my heart strings. He’s so perfect and composed. It just makes me want to mess him up and make him beg for me.

I didn’t mean to sound so kinky. Oops.

I just wanna crack his resolve and learn about him. He’s so mysterious.


Romance option or not if we can’t flirt I will riot.



Weird I always thought everyone hates Hedonist but a lot seem to like him o.o


Am I one of the only people to love Stunner? I think I have a thing for jocks with a heart of gold and complex emotions and thoughts, heh. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the relationship develops.


Sits Quietly in the “Mob is Best Bae” Corner

Mob was my favorite.

Edit: @Gwenstn You are correct and I am a fool.


I thought his name was Mob?

Unless I missed something.