Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


I will join you in that corner…


Join me, Friend! There is room for everyone!




I found it funny how Mob once asked out my mc even if I only had, like 2 points with him since I was trying to get points with the Hedonist.
Not sure if it has been fixed since then


I was really disappointed when I found out Crook was married so I restarted and went for mob. Stunner made me want to have a purge. He was okay as a romance, I was just, not the best of friends with jocks in high school… so you get the picture as to why I disliked him. I was a gay man in all my playthroughs as I am deep down in my heart so the others were pretty off limits.

I have an all friendship route where I lined for Hedonist.


I always end up with Tress, I tend to go for the good noodles. Mob is also a good noodle but given that my detective always opts for being proactive about the Contrarian investigation, she rarely spends time with him.


Mob is the best boy in my opinion (and Stoic is best girl)


I consider this a non-spoiler.

Some of my coding, especially the romance/social/friend coding, for CCH1 was a hot mess. Since I didn’t want to go back and tweak the CCH1 coding (and CoG advised against it as well), I had to figure out a way to “write around it.”

So my way of “writing around it” was opening up all ROs to everyone at the start of CCH2. If you want consistency, you just pick your RO from Part 1, and off you go. If you want to access scenes with a new RO, you can select that person, and off you go (the game will act like you’ve dated them all along).

This way you can explore new social/romance scenes in CCH2 without having to create/load new MCs from CCH1. Obviously sexual preference choices still limit/control your options.


You said that the game will act like I always date my RO. But I remember the option “I date [him/her] and [play a determinate scene]” in the OPEN DEMO (long time ago)
So… my question is:
If I dated DG (hypothetically) in part 1, I unlocked an important scene with her and I confirm her as RO in part 2, how exactly works?
Is the scene mentioned if I played it? Is it mentioned no matter what? Is it not mentioned no matter what?

PS I mean the dating scenes, not the secrets


Things like knowing their names/seeing their faces carry over, other scenes may not. It’s just like CoG says, most readers will mentally carry over scenes even if the text doesn’t mention it again. It’s very difficult to carry over too many variables. It gets overwhelming.


:joy: The Hedonist would be into it, let’s be real haha


:weary: You rlly right sis. :weary:


I’m lucky i have no interest in romance :smile:


So I guess you could say it would be a spoiler but you said “limiting the relationship”; does that mean no new ROs? I’d prefer not to get my hopes up for a certain character and be a little disappointed now than being a lot more after I read the book… If it’s too much spoiler in your opinion then I’ll wait :grinning:


I should probably refrain from saying much more! I tend to ramble (both here and in real life), and I might say too much!

I will zip my lip for 10 days.:neutral_face:


As I try to stay busy and not focus on the release date, I’ve been able to work with @defenestratin to deliver the first (of hopefully many!) CCH RPG sheets to my supporters on Patreon.

The full sheet has history, stats, power description, and more! Here is a little teaser.


If missed signing up in April but is still interested, you can sign up now on a special “Quickie” catch-up level, so that next month you’ll get both DG’s card AND next month’s card. You won’t have missed out on anything! Link is here:


Will we ever get powers? (I apologize if this question has been asked)


If you want you can get, if you don’t you will not get.


Thanks! Also can we turn bad? (So many questions :crazy_face::star_struck:)
I wanna be in the diabolical dozen…


And I thought my question my contain spoilers…