Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


I’m Mob not saying Mob that a Mob specific
character should Mob be the Mob protagonist of this new Mob novel BUT there is one I would like to know more about


I think doing a vote to pick the main character of the next short story would be really fun. But I’ll worry about the logistics of that stuff this summer. (I’m pretty sure Mob will be a choice)

This weekend, I’m working on reviewing copy edits that I got back, and creating the screen shots. (last tasks on my list, as far as I know)


I launched a Patreon page today!

I wanted to include the link in the CCH2’s text files so everyone who buys CCH2 sees it, so I’ve been frantically working on final copy edits and creating my Patreon page so I can submit final stuff, including screenshots, to CoG by the end of this week! My final tasks will be done! (I think)

Anyway, Professor McCormick, Combat Wombat, and Booksmart helped me design the Rewards. Well, they sort of took over. (Mega Cat wanted to help as well, but his rewards are too…Mega…and I need to wait a while before offering those).

Rewards include:

  • Access to Patreon feed

  • Early access to every “Community College Hijinks” strip

  • Q&As, polls, and hopefully live chats

  • Exclusive CCH roleplay cards

  • Ongoing dialogue re: craft of writing, and writing interactive fiction. I would love for others to learn from (many) mistakes!

  • Patreon-exclusive short stories! (A Goal)

  • Patreon-exclusive ‘episodes’ of “Community College Hijinks” (Another Goal)

  • And more, depending on reader feedback!

Just to make it clear, because some folks use Patreon as a sort of gofundme (which it is not!), I want everyone who becomes a patron to feel like they are getting real value and enjoyment from the Rewards! That’s the goal; to have a platform where I can share more and more content, and give more and more access, and yes, earn some money back to compensate me for the time and out-of-pocket costs.

So if you’re interested, check it out! I’ve already posted “Community College Hijinks #002” which is available to all patrons, even at the $1 level.


It’s very much like the Walking Dead…ZE is one of my favorites,worth the cost.


I’d definitely love to see some teacher-centric novels, m-m-maybe?:innocent: If possible?


Honestly, I would enjoy that, as I would be writing from the POV of someone much closer to my own age for once.

I can see McCormick, Tolly, and Hedonist as having very interesting backgrounds. McCormick would be the safest, as I can see her background being entirely non-spoilery and having nothing to do with Zeniths or anything (other than maybe how she met Tolly).


Sorry if I’m being an ass**** but I couldn’t resist

Did you know? If you become a patron to Eric Moser, you’ll immediately get
access to as many as 1 patron-only posts.



It’s been active for like 4 hours.

And my wife says the page looks great, so there!

P.S. It was weird even submitting that one post this morning, since it was being seen by…no one at the time. But there will be plenty more this month! After I submit the screen shots to CoG, I should actually have some…free time?


that sounds really great. i would love to know more about the profs and probably the other “main players”.

(i admit that i have a bias towards Prof. McCormick as well XP)


Oh I’m afraid you misunderstood me! I was making fun of patreon, not of you! Sorry if it sounded like that!


Pledged! :smiley: so excited for the roleplay cards im a massive TTRPGer and i cant wait for any Q&A’s you might do :smiley:


@Harroc, no worries. I struggle to decipher nuances in posts sometimes. But yes, I’m not sure Patreon does us any favors autopopulating that sentence when the number of posts is only 1. It’s up to 3 now!

@Bardox, welcome aboard! And yes, the rp cards are something I’ve kicked around for a long time. Finally, having sooooo many characters pays off. There will be lots of monthly polls to determine who gets created first.

Oh, and Community College Hijinks (will just start calling it “Hijinks”) strip #002 was posted this morning on the website if anyone wants to check it out…


can’t wait till it comes out i loved the first one then went though the beta test it looked great thank you for creating such great stories


Belated congratulations on your Patreon launch! I know how much you wanted to get to this point, so it’s good see your hard work paying off. I’ve been wrapped up in my cocoon of life responsibilities and trying to eek out the rest of our sequel, so I’ve been a bit absent from the forums, but seeing the your ambition start to pay off helps keep us motivated. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your progress (who knows if I may need to quiz you for advice on the experience later, lol). Cheers!


@disturtle_turtle4lif, Thanks for the kind words! I’m excited to have made it over the hump! Part 2 was tough to write, setting up the chess board for bigger things while still doing a self-contained story.

@MizArtist33, Hey! It’s good to hear from you! Definitely let me know when you two need some testers; I am very down for that. And yeah I dumped most hobbies in 2017 should I could finish CCH2. It was painful but had to be done. No more beekeeping or blogging about hats.


I can already tell I’m gonna like this. I wish you good luck Eric


Looks like CCH2 will get a May release!

I’m just going by the pinned HG release, and we ALL know that dates can and do change sometimes, but it’s nice to be near the finish line!



Looking forward :smiley:


Guess I just got my deadline for a replay of CCH 1.
Now I just need to decide if Training with Downfall is more important than getting on with Origami.


Well, you already sold one: mine