Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


Cool, I need to do a replay before 2 comes out and don’t romance anyone. In hopes of Stoic being a RO.

I can see your point. Though to me the drugs is just a part of who she is. For me, I’m willing to look past that and give her a chance, especially if we can convince her to stop and get help. Because other than that she a decent person, albeit with flaws, but likeable if your MC is a certain type of hero; jokester, etc. I can probably see her not meshing well with a Traditional and Stoic(?) MC though.


Oh hell yeah. Can’t wait for the release


Unfortunately I didn’t partake in the beta. But I have several playthroughs from CCH1 already stored on CoG Servers, different classes and RO’s for each. Though I wouldn’t be sure if that will make it into the final product. That may have been a beta option so you can experience the RO’s. While in the purchased version, we may have to romance the old fashioned way like in CCH1. Hopefully @Eric_Moser can verify.


As someone stated, and as I put in the new thread title, I do not want to discuss any CCH2 content until after release, whenever that ends up being. I’m already starting to forget what I wrote, anyway!

Right now I am happy trying to devour all the new releases, Wayhaven, Fallen Hero, Highway Wars, and now the new ZE.

I mostly reopened the thread to share my new social media info with people, since it’s changed recently, and to make sure I had an up-to-date list of folks to email when a release date is assigned. And to let everyone know that the wait is almost over; I’m very excited, I must admit.


Holy crap, it’s released on the 22nd. I knew it was this month but wasn’t sure when. That’s another game I’m buying on release. Now to wait in GP to pop it on there.


Hmm I actually never played any of the ZE games before. Are they good? Also is Safe haven or Zombie Exodus the first one?


Well technically they take place at the same time I believe, just in different places. But Exodus came out first I think, it been years. Though for exodus the purchase is different. The upfront price only gets you part of the story. The author added expansions to it and you have to buy those separately. Not sure if after all this time if he added a bundle price for them all, I doubt it.

Though haven is a lot shorter than exodus, just pointing it out. Though I liked exodus better. Difference being in exodus you work with a group, I. Haven you’re mostly solo with the option of helping or pairing up. There you are basically preparing to leave to find a “safe haven” and it leaves you hanging, thankfully part 2 should be out today, though it will probably end in another cliffhanger.


Part Two is already out. I actually got the update for Safe Haven and it had the new content added to it. Haven’t seen it yet because you’d have to pay to get it unlocked.


The first one sounds kinda expensive. What is the game like though? Is it kinda like The Walking Dead?


Thanks for letting me know, I was looking in gp store for a standalone part 2 lol.

Exodus is kinda pricey if you want it all. I think its around $10-15 for it all. And yeah its kinda like walking dead, you go out foraging, reinforce your base, forge relationships, deal with conflict and enemies, etc.


Yep no problem. I was surprised to see Part Two being added to Safe Haven since I assumed it’d be released as a standalone app too. But at least, it now has 900k words in it so someone probably could spend hours and hours on it in a single playthrough lol


A small teaser!

So I’ve been working on some new exclusive content for the website. Part of that will be a project with @HomingPidgeon. Community College Hijinks, a light-hearted comic strip that takes place during the Fall semester (when everyone is still alive!) is coming soon!

The first strip will be posted on this Thursday, March 29th, and then every other Thursday after that! At least that’s my plan for now. If you like them, please comment on the website!

Each strip will be four panels. This is just the thumbnail of the first panel of Strip #001. We already have four strips completed, so at least that many will be posted. Whether we keep going depends a lot on reader interest and feedback.


Just a small question about part 2. I don’t think it fits in the "don’t talk about it until release (since it’s been mentionned before):

How would a tactician MC fare in a 1V1 fight? I mean, what would it change? They could analyze the power of their opponents to use their weaknesses, but would they be able to actually predict what they’re going to do?


I’m planning to do a Part 2 cover reveal for my Reader’s Appreciation Group (RAG in the house!) on Friday, so if anyone is interested and hasn’t signed up yet, you can do so below!


Looks like it still doesn’t want to send me the confirmation email. :frowning:


That’s probably my user error. I may not have set up confirmation email correctly. That’s something I need to address.

But if you signed up, you’re now on the list, I can assure you. My list has increased by 8 people in the last hour so the link is definitely working.


You sure? I tried signing up last time and the same thing happened, maybe it’s just me.


PM me your email address and I’ll check my list.


Just read the Stoic Christmas novel, and now I try to stop my hype level to go over 9000… Can’t wait to see what are the next chapters for our favorite hero students !


Glad you liked it! And I wrote it like 2 years ago so I’m way overdue to do another.