Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Would a Game Guide for CCH1 & 2 be helpful? post 1941)

@michellexylee The only way I’ve managed to do that so far is to do Tactics route, and then during the ‘battle’ do the combos you develop earlier. If you stick to what Tress tells you to do (if she’s the leader) You’ll get a B in Breaking.

Hmm… I’m surprised @Eric_Moser didn’t give options to get an A for defence and breaking in other routes… That’s a little unfair and restrictive to the other routes. But anyhoo, thanks!

I think (big emphasis on think) if you email and include a copy of your purchase receipts, they can do a transfer from your Steam purchase to an IOS/Android platform. This should allow you to then load your saved game in CCH to CCH2.

There was an email sent from COG wrt Purchase Transfers. From Steam to iOS/From Steam to Android - Contact Us. We don’t have an automatic way to do any of the following transfers.

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See, I don’t know! That’s what I asked a few posts up! I don’t wanna ALWAYS be tactics. But I’m thinking if you’re leader, you should be tactics (so you can be the best leader you can be), and if you’re not, then just do what Tress says and you’ll survive with the B, it’s not your fault.

As noted here, Choice of Games and Hosted Games currently sells our products in a few different ways:

  • App Store for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
    • In the new “omnibus” apps
    • As separate apps
  • Android (separate apps only)
    • Google Play Store
    • Amazon Appstore
  • Steam
  • On our website at

Sometimes, you need to transfer purchases from one store to another store.

From separate iOS app to iOS omnibus: Download the latest version of the separate app(s) and the omnibus. Launch the separate app, then open the game in the omnibus. The omnibus may be able to automatically detect the separate app; if not, you’ll see a “Buy” button and a “restore purchases” link. Tap “restore purchases” and select the option to restore from the separate app.

If this transfer process fails, the game will offer you an email address to use to contact Choice of Games customer support. Be sure to click on that email address and to email us using the exact address we provide. The email address includes information we can use to diagnose issues.

From choiceofgames to iOS omnibus: If you purchase a game on our website, you can play it in our iOS omnibus app. Tap “restore purchases” next to the Buy button, and login with your email address and password.

From choiceofgames to separate mobile apps (iOS or Android): We have two kinds of separate apps: free apps, and pay-once-and-play (POAP) apps.

Transferring purchases from our website to a separate app only works for free apps. Inside a free app, you can tap “restore purchases” next to the Buy button, and login with your email address and password.

If you’d like to transfer a purchase from choiceofgames to a POAP app, please email us at and include a copy of your purchase receipts.

From Steam to choiceofgames: Click the “restore purchases” link next to the Buy button. You’ll see an option to restore from Steam.

All Others, Contact Us: We don’t have an automatic way to do any of the following transfers.

From choiceofgames to Steam
From iOS to choiceofgames
From iOS to Android
From iOS to Steam
From Android to choiceofgames
From Android to iOS
From Android to Steam
From Steam to iOS
From Steam to Android
From any storefront we’ve used in the past

If you need to do one of these transfers, please email us at and include a copy of your purchase receipts.


It makes sense, though, after the stern talk hedy probably received after part one.

Can you please tell me every choice i need to take to increase my leadership point?

Haha, you mean the “pleasure” for grades option… I was sooo not talking about that kind of option… Lol!

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Ah, whoops. Well, my statements still true though xD

Summarized All of my wishes for part 3. (I cant resist adding some unnecessary lyrics.)

The Manipulator as a RO, and have your Relationship with the Speck Seven decrease dramatically because of it thinking that you turned your back on them because your Romancing Origami’s killer. (Around this town you’ve ceased to be That’s what you get for sleeping with the enemy.)

Uni returning in part 3 (and Hopefully as a RO again.). I was really disappointed when i saw no option to pick her when your Mom asked if you were dating someone, I was hoping for a LDR with Uni and finding a way to call her whenever possible. In the early demo of the game you had the option to continue your Romance with Uni and wait for her for as long as it takes, and in the final version She doesnt even get mentioned in the game once… Its like she was removed from the game completely.

• I would like to have the option to train with Downfall in NY. Her invitation would be completely useless if we didnt get a chance to take up the offer in part 3.

• And lastly bad endings, It just wouldnt be that fun if we were to know that all will turn out good at the end no matter what choices you chose and what mistakes youve made.

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Hope the manipulator could be a possible RO in part 3

It’s funny that you mention Max. I liked his Deathless so well that I recently ordered some of his novels. I might even have a chance to read one this summer!

And I agree with you about “choices aren’t as important to me as connecting with the story and characters.” The way I look at it, you can write balanced choices all you want, but if the reader doesn’t care enough about the side characters or the stakes involved, then why bother?

And yes I’ve considered writing full novels…I’m about 10,000 words into the “regular novel” version of Talon City, but CCH took all my time this spring.


When was the divorce mentioned? (My memory can be absurd at times, sorry). What I got in the stench path though was… in case crook and gavin ARE the same person and its not a red herring… apparently his wife(?) on the phone. Now I worry that his more openess was a mask because the dozen threatened his family if he doesnt get closer to the MC. … great, NOW i worry everyone is putting up an act…
I’m sorry… i’m overthinking this.


I think it’d be interesting is if the MCs power changes depending on whether they are focused on helping others or themselves.

Team player results in the power to boost others powers.

Solo minded results in the power to take other powers away.


Could it be brought up in CCH 3? I think this is something that needs to be discussed regardless of whether the MC knows his secret or not.

@MeltingPenguins When was Crook on the phone? Looks like I may have to do a Stench play through sometime soon… It would be pretty cool if Crook and Gavin are the same person (Crook seems like he’d be a Gavin :thinking:).
It’d be hilarious if the MC realized Crook was their dad’s partner and Crook realized MC is his dead partner’s kid. Bonus points for taskmaster mom realizing her kid is dating her dead husband’s partner. MC’s mom would know who Gavin is wouldn’t she?

I’d like to see retribution worked in with that too. Maybe if the MC is altruistic they have more control over their powers and with a high retribution the powers act out on the MC’s emotions and thus, less control over their powers?

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@Lux_Inferni Not crook on the phone: If you play the stench path, you can get the phone numbers of some of the gavins you found previously (might be only if you go by location), and a blink and you’ll miss it sentence notes that one of your calls got picked up by an older woman who is pissed Gavin left her (maybe her daughter though) and his son behind and ran off.


I’m glad someone caught that.


Watch me spot things like that but then come round having missed the big stuff by miles.

Just to be clear about the Dr. Stench path, the MC researches this “Gavin” person since they were the MC’s dad’s cellmate, but Gavin was NOT MC’s dad’s partner-in-crime. Gavin was just some random cellmate. You learn more about the partner-in-crime through the phone call with Mom and the Stunner scene at Prestige.


I like this idea because either way it fits into one power set a sort of control over other powers letting you either turn them up or turn them down/off. Would be interesting imo

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