Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (closed for now 5/9/16)

How about one of Dad’s old friends? That would be pretty neat! There might even be the whole godfather vibe.

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To have superpowers or custom equipment? To be superman or batman…hmmm? I definitely like the choice, but I am curious about a few things. For one will this equipment be similar the MC’s dad? Because if so I think you might run the risk of people learning your secret. Also will it be possible for the MC to be smart enough to customize the equipment? Maybe their mom could help.

@blackbeard, in a perfect world, I would, but in reality it’s doubtful just because it would make coding an absolute beast as more and more combinations become possible. Maybe I’ll learn some coding tricks for Part II to streamline things.

@owlet, so you think a somewhat sympathetic middle-aged low level villain who used to pal around with your dad might be an interesting character to introduce? It might be a tough choice for the MC deciding whether to try to bust him or let him go, assuming his criminal offense is nonviolent and perhaps designed to let him retire. Hmmm…I like this idea very much.

@T_bonez, yep I think players would be split between earning a legit power (think of the power your MC dreamed about as a kid) versus showing the world that a non-Zenith can kick ass and take names with only some specialized gear. And yes I’m thinking about different ways that the gear could be modified. Think about how deadly gas can be if the user is willing to go no holds barred.


If is not possible to be villain i will be anti-hero, hmmm! Will be possible to kill the villains?


Oh! That’s a great idea. :smiley:

Kill the villains you say? Well that would be a tough choice now, wouldn’t it? :imp: or :innocent:

I’d be tempted to start a poll asking whether folks would do that, given the chance to kill a certain villain, but I don’t see how I can do the poll without there being massive spoilers. Maybe in a few months.

And I’ve finally started writing Part II this morning, sketching out some vignettes and focusing on making every choice seem like the possible best choice, depending on the MC you created. I want to do a better job of making readers agonize over choices. :grimacing:


I’m not a very good hero, I would kill a lot of villains if I had the choice.


If killing villains is an option, I think a good idea would be for the MC have an option for how they try to justify it if at all. Like a brooder could take the Red Hood route and say their goal is to deter crime through fear whereas a joker type would say they get a thrill out of killing baddies.


Since I don’t want this thread to get dusty in the corner I wanted to add a request:

More time with teachers (I know there is the “Buddy Time” but I don’t know if this falls in that category) I know you get some interaction from them but is about 55% The hedonist (A.K.A The Perv I don’t have anything against him but that’s the nickname he got from me) 30% Dean Tolly and The other 15% divided for the rest of the teachers (Maybe it’s different for other players but that’s how I see it) I really liked McCormick and I’d like more character development I know that Nil will be important in the time to come maybe making it so that the teachers can become friends with the MC and get some exclusive bit of conversation you wouldn’t get otherwise

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I’m glad you liked the professors.

McCormick is my favorite as well, for many reasons. Someone has to be the sane one, right??

I will also take note of how many people seem to want the ultimate form of revenge on the DD. Lethal revenge!

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Heh, I don’t really know if I’d go that far for revenge but depending on how they are painted they may get a worse fate than death from me Laughs maniacally

The Contrarian as is is already going to get that from me >:D

From you maybe but if it is possible I’d like to: Leave her paraplegic and then take her to a secret place where I would torture her daily until she dies of old age Laughs like @Abyss would


You my friend are one dark fellow. Me personally, I prefer the rivalry aspect that could come out of the mc gunning after her. Obsessed cop style.

Thanks, but as I stated before it all depends on who the character is painted

Take as an example (I don’t think this counts as spam but if it does just let me know and I’ll change it) SLAMMED! At first all I wanted was to take revenge on JJ but after his reason was explained I just wanted to fight him and give him what he wanted: A fight where I could beat the living crap out of him

Am I the only one who kinda likes the Contrarian? I mean, where did she get that wacky name, anyway? Where does she buy her preppie clothes? Why the wig? Why the weird disconnect between being anti-sports, anti-animal cruelty, or anti-powered-even-though-she-has-powers? Do her powers only work when she’s protesting something, any random thing??

She sort of reminds me of a conservatively dressed and slightly more stable Prodigal. And I was on the Prodigal fan bus.


Huh… I always found her familiar but couldn’t connect the dots. And talking about Prodigal, I always though of her as a close family member that dissapeared when I was but a child and she came back like 20 years later and became crazy due to being alone.

Hmm…I may have to tweak her a bit.

I’ve tried hard to avoid Heroes Rise similarities.

Although Prodigal shouldn’t have a monopoly on crazy villainesses, I do see how Contrarian might seem strike someone as “Prodigal light.”

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To be honest, I never saw the similarities between the two. Prodigal was genuinely disturbed in many ways. The Contrarian always struck me as a persona, a way to get recognition. Like the MC. I love both villains but for different reasons.

@Ryuu, yes I wrote Contrarian (slash her real villain name) as using an over-the-top persona as cover, or perhaps just for sh*ts and giggles. However, I’m wondering whether she would keep up the charade near the end when it’s just her and the MC talking.

I think it might be more effective to have her reveal her true, more normal self, during those conversations at the hospital to show she’s not batshit crazy like Prodigal. It would probably make her more sympathetic as well