Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (closed for now 5/9/16)

Seeing what kind of person she really is would make the rivalry between the two all the more stronger, especially if the she and the MC turn out to be quite alike. More so if the MC gets powers. One step away from crossing the line and the like.

On my second read-through, it dawned on me that the Contrarian’s persona was carefully constructed to be the ultimate provocation for the good people of Speck: a vegan atheist football-hating terrorist.

I don’t think it remotely reflects her “real” motives, which seem to be around making just enough trouble to get Speck shut down without triggering a joint Savior/Prestige intervention. Hence posing as a petty loon and doing things primarily aimed at irking the local populace rather than coming out as a high-powered hero. The press conference was a risky step, and probably a misjudgement, because it suggested that the Contrarian had a more potent power set than expected.

While there’s nothing in the text to support this, I think it would be cool if the wig were a misdirection – deliberately left until someone noticed it, then bamfed away. A wig suggests that the Contrarian is trying to avoid being recognised, which points the finger at it being someone local, i.e. a Speck student. It’s consistent with the Contrarian’s main goal of getting Speck to blame the Community College and demand its shutdown.

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Of course, this is all correct.

I am going to take your previous suggestion and write a few scenes showing how the locals react to the Contrarian’s overt left wing messages.

“What sorta person doesn’t like :football:? I’ll tell ya who doesn’t! The Communists!”

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Stoic is a fairly popular npc that a lot of people (myself included) want to romance. Mainly because she’s so darn hard to read all the time.


That’s the gist of it. We get hints of emotion here and there but otherwise she’s a complete mystery.

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There are no active links (of which I’m aware) because the game was beta tested last month.

I’m trying to maintain overall interest in the game, so keep checking the CCH threads for possible new info.


Will the MC eventually be able to choose a sidekick? I kind of like the idea of taking a young ward and saving them from my insane arch nemesis. Especially if we can have some influence over what heroic personality they’d have.

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That sounds like something for Part 6 or Part 7, with a tenative publication date of 2020!

Seriously, the MC is a long ways from being able to tutor someone, although perhaps by the end of Part 3 the MC will have inspired a few aspiring non-Zeniths.


This came to me awhile ago but can you write something about alternative reality. You know like maybe meeting an evil version of you and the study group. Or maybe have some certain characters like the Mc’s father not dead, or another certain character not being dead in that reality. It could happen because the students are made to do a science fair experiment and CW over does it and makes a portal or something. Than the MC or Dean Trolley or a teacher can say “Its a rite of passage for a hero to visit an alternate reality”.
I don’t know just something I think would be interesting to see the young students face and seemed like a lot of fun.


In the traditions of the Justice League cartoon (think Justice Lords) and Community (the darkest timeline!), that would be an interesting direction for CCH at some point.

It would have lots of potential for comic relief - perhaps a macho, meat-eating Mob, or a meek Dirty Girl or a ladies’ man Combat Wombat. :bear: Hey baby


Wait, you mean CW isn’t a ladies man already? Could’ve fooled me xD

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I think it would take a special type of lady.


I’m glad you like the idea

Well the good news is that I have lots of ideas for Part II (thanks to all of you), but it will be quite some time before I can start work on Part II.

The revisions to Part I will take many months. I might end up closing this thread but for now I’ll keep it open in case anyone else gets a brilliant idea.


Time Travel. Like the MC can travel back in time before his dad gets caught and place in trial. Or the time before your dad is stabbed to death. Maybe time travel back in time and save another character or something.

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I don’t think we’re suppose to have powers.

I still would love for your long-ago daydream of what your power might be to someday affect what powers you can acquire (maybe there are technological solutions to each, since your character is more a Gadgeteer than a Superpowered?)

I want to date Hedonist. Like, be his lover and pillow-talk confidant long-term. Make it so, pretty please.

We need some resolution to Crook’s thing. I don’t know how to feel about Crook. I don’t even know enough to tell what the problem is with his life, exactly.

Please don’t make our only villain-type option to follow in our father’s footsteps. I want villain-tech, but don’t want to be limited to weapons of silly stench humor. Even if it’s effective and plausible, it doesn’t fit my character style.


@eqs189, I could never do the time travel thing as well as Flash does on CW. It may not be the “best” show on TV, but to me, it’s probably the most entertaining. But yes, being presented with an option to somehow “undo” what was done of poor old Dad could present for a tough ethical decision, as there would certainly be a tradeoff.

@lightdrago3, no powers! (at least not yet - see below)

@Sashira, we’re on the same page on most of that. I’m doing more with the daydream for sure. Crook will continue to be complicated all the way through. And my goal is for the MC to have a few different options to move up the ladder. Smelltech would certainly not be the only option.

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the second part? where can I get the first part of this interesting games?

The “first part” was finished back in March but now I’m elbow deep in revisions to meet CoG’s high standards for official games. So basically there isn’t any active link to Part I.