Feedback on Community College Hero website


I’ve never built a website before so any feedback would be appreciated. At this point I’m using keywords like comic book and interactive novel but I’m certainly not spamming them excessively. I’m planning to add a fan art slideshow if I end up getting some more submissions. I’ll also add a blog and maybe a character guide with the main eight characters.

This is a very very basic start (just worked on it this weekend) so any feedback would be appreciated.

As always, I’ll shamelessly plug the FB page as well. Like if you haven’t already!

All Things Superheroes! (And Villains!)

Looks pretty good. Remember to use serif fonts for blocks of text, and san-serif fonts for short ideas and headers. That is all I know about web development. Every time you post I’m thinking “Shut-up and take my money!” I’m really looking forward to the finished game.


Just went over the website. It was nice to see the humor. I guess I only have three critiques that I could think of. First the “About the Author” and “Contact” pages looked a little off. Having a white box with text surrounded by a black background looked weird. I think they could use some illustrations on those pages. Second, the “Coming in Fall 2015!!” reacts to your mouse like a hyperlink, but it doesn’t actually do anything when you click on it (not sure if that’s a bug). Third, I don’t particularly understand what your purpose in creating the website is. If you had a few interactive novels I may understand the purpose as people who enjoyed one of your novels could easily see others you have written. It doesn’t seem to have a ‘blog’ like feature where you write updates for the development. To me, it doesn’t appear to have any value that a forum post on CoG couldn’t do better (as it would get more traffic with your target audience).

I’m not a professional web designer and I would just like to note that I probably have no idea what I am talking about. You asked for feedback, so please don’t take my critique personally just my two cents.


@Zach_Ellinger, thanks for the font tips. I will check those out!

@markamadeo, just saw your comment as I hit “send.” Yeah I am working on the non “home” pages. I know they are messed up. I have some professional photos on my work computer and will add those. I’ll also fix that “Coming in 2015” button. It actually doesn’t need to be a button at all right now.

And for now the purpose is to stake out a spot on the net and “legitimize” myself a little as I start trading contact info with other creators and folks at conventions and such. I have no illusions that this will generate much (if any) traffic by itself. I plan to write more books in the next few years, including a non-interactive version of CCH which will be branded with “Heroes” instead of “Hero” to differentiate. And I will add a blog feature as well.


I do love the art work.

Personally, I find white on black somewhat difficult to read. It’s jarring having both that and the other box beneath it with the meet the author.

Your facebook and twitter icons in the bottom don’t work. I kinda want to suggest setting up a tumblr for it too. (I suppose I’ve spent far too much time browsing the 7 Kingdoms Princess Problem one lately).

It needs a link back to Choice of Games.

I do agree that having a web page is a fantastic idea though. I do generally visit all of the websites.


How can you badmouth the Green Lantern movie??




@FairyGodfeather, I’m not sure how I managed to forget putting a link to CoG. Fixed the non-working icons (they were holdovers from the sample template I used).

@Havenstone, did you like it? I mean, I liked Sinestro in it but other than that…yikes. And I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to those sorts of movies.

@Packet, you know it’s low-hanging fruit when even the star of the movie slams it in his next superhero movie.


Iv been following you on Facebook and I was pretty excited when you posted about your website and it’s pretty cool you added some stuff about your self, I have to Appulde you on just have much work and love you have put into your game and I think it’s gonna be a huge hit (partly cuz I have tested it for you) and because anyone putting that much effort into any game will do great, I do hope to maybe see more posts on ur FB of different views of the characters in the game, but either way keep it up!!!


Thanks, man. I appreciate that very much. It’s hard to drum up interest when a product doesn’t exist yet, but I am optimistic it will do okay in the marketplace. And I might post a character guide to FB when the release date is closer but I don’t want anything to be too spoilery.


I really like the website. It was will done… this is going to sound stupid but since i haven’t played the demo i wanted to know if we’ll be creating our own characters


Is the Character Guide new? It doesn’t work for me; if it’s still in progress, you should probably remove the link until it’s finished. Otherwise, I could go through when I have half an hour to spare and nitpick details, but it looks good overall. The writing and art are great, so it inspires confidence in the game (as long as you can get people to the website in the first place.)


Argh! I hadn’t meant to publish the update with the character guide page. I’ll have to undo that when I get home. Thanks for catching that!

And I owe @Wire many thanks for the art. I knew I could reuse for different purposes.


This is a really great website. I think I’ll go ahead and use that site builder whenever I make my own domain.


It was sublimely awful. Ten different kinds of crap stuffed into a size 9 sack. So, kind of. :slight_smile:


Well, we at least have Fantastic Four (2015) to take Green Lantern’s place as the Worst Superhero Film of All Time.

I could at least laugh at how bad Green Lantern was; I can’t even do that for Fantastic Four. :confounded:


You’re also missing a page title since it just says Home. You should probably have it say Community College Hero instead.

And all those faces in the bar across the top look like they should be clickable.

And seriously, experiment with tumblr. You’ve got a game that should appeal to the people there. I see so much about superheroes there, and female characters. PLUS you’ve got a lot of artwork of your characters.


But what about Batman and Robin? And Catwoman? Won’t someone think of them?

(Disclaimer: I have seen none of these films.)


Batman and Robin had George Clooney in it.
Catwoman had Halle Berry in a dominatrix suit.

Those elements were more than enough motivation for anyone to happily seek a good brain bleaching with those shi- I mean shining movies. :blush: