New Hosted Game! Community College Hero 2.5: Fun and Games—3 different adventures with your Speck pals!


It’s the calm before the storm. Savor every moment of these light-hearted adventures with your superpowered classmates; these may be your final moments of levity and joy before the Diabolical Dozen crushes the world’s heroes beneath its collective heel. But for now, there are small-town monsters to discover, fantasy creatures to battle, and visits from your mother to survive.

It’s 25% off until February 10th!

Community College Hero 2.5: Fun and Games is a 108,000-word superpowered interactive novel by @Eric_Moser . It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Set during the fall and spring semesters of your first year at Speck Community College, Fun and Games includes three all-new adventures with an emphasis on comedy, friendship, and exploring fresh settings with nary a superpowered villain in sight!

• Play as male, female, or non-binary.
• Romance any of seven different classmates.
• Just answer a few questions and you’re off! No saves from Community College Hero Parts 1 or 2 are required.
• Join your classmates in an epic tabletop fantasy adventure with bandits, elves, ogres, and even a wyvern! Will you become a champion known throughout the realm or die penniless and forgotten?
• Create your own custom fantasy character and use real die rolls to determine your success or failure!
• Help your friends investigate the legend of the lake monster. When the creature starts terrorizing Hay Springs, Nebraska, can you figure out who’s behind the mayhem before it’s too late?
• The mystery can be played numerous times with different results; the game generates different culprits!
• Dean Tolly invites everyone’s loved ones to visit campus, and it’s just as embarrassing as you might imagine! Do you try to win the day’s activities, appease your mother, or learn more about your classmates?
• The Dean might just have a secret plot - will you figure it out in time?
• Earn up to 47 Achievements, three of which unlock short stories featuring Crook, Stoic, and Dr. Hover.
• Enjoy fun and games with your friends at Speck Community College!


One of my sure buys this month!

Grats @Eric_Moser !!



CCH was my first CoG game! Glad to see the story continue!


Congrats on the release @Eric_Moser :two_hearts:


TBH I am really curious if anyone gets all 47 Achievements. I sort of went overboard there.


Congrats on the new game! @Eric_Moser


Do I need this one to import my character into CCH 3?


Considering you can’t even import your CCH2 character to this one, I’m 99.35% sure no.


Thanks @Lucid! I hope all is well with my Canadian doppleganger!

and yeah @Urban and @JBento, I wanted to reserve the import to go directly from Part 2 to Part 3. Importing Characters into F&G would have screwed that up royally, and plus each story in F&G uses unique stats, so there really would be no point in importing anyways. Players can headcanon all the little RP details. You do input your name and your dating partner, if any, and there are a few snippets that are unique to each RO.


Wanna say that I love how interactive Stoic is being during Zarlor’s.

EDIT: No, wait, wrote too soon. Mulenapping, that vilest of crimes.


I figured it was late in the semester, around April, and if she couldn’t let her guard down a little such a safe, jovial environment, then she becomes too much of a one-note character.


“Well that would take the fun out of everything, wouldn’t it?” Origami calls down. “But if you really can tell the future, then you’d better warn me of danger when we get back to school, promise?”


EDIT: You’re missing a couple of commas here, it should be something on the lines of
“So, Dirty Girl, the first person in their line, is about”, otherwise it looks like Syn is addressing DG.


I can’t believe how much fun it was interacting with these characters again.

@Eric_Moser whats your secret? I always struggle with creating unique/likable characters in my writing.


Challenge Accepted Sensei Moser!

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@JBento lol I had forgotten all about that bit of foreshadowing! And I’m making a note of any little potential edits, so I’ll add those.

@UrbanGhost I’m glad you enjoyed it! By this point, most of the characters have a pretty distinct voice in my head. With such a large cast, I’ve learned to double down on the characters’ main traits just to help players keep everyone straight. I take great pleasure in writing a bit of dialogue and trying to decide which other character would naturally respond.

@TechNote I will be mighty impressed if you pull it off. Oh and you will have to date each of the 7 possible ROs so flexibility is key!

Haven’t had a chance to try and see what changed since the WIP, but I figure this would be a good time to share the adventures of the best name any MC ever got.

Screenshot_20210908-194839_Community College Hero


Awesome, congratulations @Eric_Moser …now only need the third part…


@Fredrick-No-E I imagine it’s quite difficult to take any scene seriously with that name lol

@Empress_Nightmare Thanks! Yes, there is the small matter of…wrapping up the entire damn thing.


Same I love the game and was on the end of my seat waiting for it like a sport event fan yelling and screaming for the home team


Is the home team just the Speck 7 or do you always pull for Quickie??