Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (closed for now 5/9/16)

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Now to the substantive stuff.

I guess I’ll repeat, please keep it spoiler free. Don’t reference anything specifically from Part I so nothing is ruined for the folks who did not participate in the final rounds of beta testing.

I need to create a general checklist of things readers have suggested be included/improved for Part II “Knowledge is Power” so I can start sketching out the rough vignettes and creating a draft outline of Part II.

So far I have:

  1. More opportunities for the MC to show off and generally be a badass.

  2. More opportunities for the MC to spend time with ROs and more platonic “buddy” scenes. (EDIT Stoic romanceable or at least more time with her?)

  3. A showdown with a non-DD villain.

  4. More chances to scheme and plot.

  5. Perhaps a motivation meter to track the MC’s thoughts/plans (instead of using so many fake choices) (EDIT: maybe some more moral ambiguity)

  6. Improved balance with relationships and combat stats.

  7. (maybe) to open a path for the MC to possibly gain a super power (at great cost) or find dad’s hidden cache of “experimental” equipment. (EDIT: let character customize equipment)

8) EDIT/ADDED: Flashbacks to Dad/clues about that cache

I’m not saying these will all be included. I’m just listing them as things people have requested so they stay on my “radar” (Daredevil reference) :smiling_imp: The Netflix series is going to be awesome - I’m confident of that!

I think this covers most of the beta requests, but there was a lot going on and I’m sure I missed some. If you have a request, please post it here, but keep it general and spoiler free


Hey-o! I really loved the first Community College Hero and adore what you’re planning for the second part!

I do have a bit of request though, if that’s okay? Though if it doesn’t work, just wave it off and ignore what I mentioned

Said suggestion being maybe a choice to roll a bit anti-hero or act like a typical hero but internally be a anti-hero? It’s kinda like the tracking MC plans idea, but with a bit of moral ambiguity? Or doing moral ambiguous actions with good intentions?

As I doubt this can be spoilery I’ll repeat my request (and want)

…Stoic Romance please?


Why not go for a more batman like thing for the MC by like what you said giving the MC a chance to find daddy’s equipment and maybe(here’s the request part) give the players a choice as to how to customise the equipments to suit the MC.


This is amazing news!
I loved part one so I can’t wait to see what you’re got cooked up for part two! :smiley:

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I’ve edited my list to include everyone’s suggestions thus far.

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I noticed that it said possibility to gain a power at a great cost. What if the mc took one of their teamates powers leaving the teamate powerless?

I will sacrifice anyone for power!!! You say is need to sacrifice my mother? Sold! My friends? No problem! Already i plot to kill them all! Please give me POWER!!!

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My teammates! This pathetic worms don’t have true powers! Maybe i will sacrifice them but i don’t want their powers! This powers is low level!

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I loved the first game, and I’m really looking forward to the second! I really like some of the ideas already suggested, especially more opportunities to spend time with RO and friends (Stoic romance/more time with her would be awesome!) Also, maybe characters whose paths diverged from the MC could come back at some point? (sorry if this is bordering on spoilery)


Friends! So wonderful!! (Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!) :smile:

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I would /love/ Stoic romance. Especially considering that most of my play throughs had a high relationship stat with her. Also I’m very interested in the idea of the MC gaining powers at a high cost. What would the level of the powers be and how high would they cost? I’m all about moral dilemmas.


No moral dilemmas for me! Hmmm! Why not more types of powers? More powerful with high prices and low powers with a low price? Anyway this for good and bad guys like me? But! Thinking about that in my head is not sounds so good!

@Biotechie, those are the types of tough decisions I want to cram into Part II. Great suggestion!

Who’s power would you most want? Teleportation, invulnerability, strength sapping, smoke creation, magnetokinesis, or umm…hair manipulation?

@hishman13, I know what you meant. And yes, you never known when familiar faces will return.

@Ryuu, I haven’t flushed out the specifics - still in brainstorming mode. But yep, the higher the reward, the higher the cost.

@Abyss, Honestly I don’t anticipate a “diabolical villain” path for the MC but you never know.

Why is it evil people have terrible grammar? Why do they also yell everything? You appear to be an evil fellow, perhaps you could shed some light on this.


Maybe is not their native language? You think? :smirk: and yelling is a safe procedure!

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:expressionless: Yelling is rude Sir Abyss. Even evil people have some manners.

I am a god not some people!!!

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The Abyss is not a god! It is a giant pit!


Metaphorical! This is the abyss of despair and death.

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