Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (closed for now 5/9/16)

Ah, but my good sir, that doesn’t really work. The abyss of something does not make you a god of something. It makes you a giant hole that it goes into.

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You guys are going off-topic :expressionless:

Dangerously off-topic.

That is a pretty amusing discussion though.

I of course want continued morally ambiguous content, like a choice about whether to start taking Hedonist seriously as a love interest or write him off as a sleazy one-night stand. Although you’ve said you won’t be adding much in the line of the “go darkside” path, you might add some options where you sympathize with the villains and can kind of see their point, while still finding reasons to fight them. I’m happy just having them able to be the vigilante/antihero rather than the perfect paragon.

I also request more hanging-out scenes with more than one character, like the honky-tonk in part 1. :smile:

This is not the right forum for roleplaying. Please take this somewhere else; we’re discussing @HornHeadFan’s game.

Don’t feed the RPers.


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Apologies for my behavior @HornHeadFan. I sincerely apologize, shouldn’t of gone off topic as i did.

And me! My apologies i exaggerated too much.

I leave for an hour and I come back to this? :confused:

@Sashira, thanks for redirecting things so I didn’t have to go into “disapproving dad” mode. :man:

And yeah I’m interested in adding more complexity to the MC - very little will be black or white moving forward. Everyone’s motivations will start coming to light, and I hope readers are torn between which motivations deserve their support.

@Fallaner and @Abyss, apologies accepted. I don’t mind some silliness but I’d like to keep things focused on getting feedback from folks.

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Finally! A place where we can discuss CCH ll without having to mention CCH l. :pensive: @HornHeadFan, you evil man. I feel like Tantalus in the lake. And I’m drowning in my own rage! :laughing:

Even more so than the story, good characters get me to feel as if my choices matter. That my decisions would have an effect. And I have to say that you’re characters did this for me. Most of the difficult choices involved having to choose who to befriend. I really look forward to more scenes interacting with them.

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Has anybody asked if it’s possible for the hero to become a villain at the end of part II?


some missions or choices to show leadership or non leadership of study group and of crook’s hunting the dozen group.

Can’t wait to see how this shapes up.

Power at great cost sounds awful, but comically beating down the Diabolical Dozen with stink rays would be great.

Diabolical Dozen? Hahahahahahahahaha! I cannot stop from laughing, i hope to have so much power to beat them single-handed! :dragon_face:

Can we become genuine friends with a villain?


yeah that sounds cool becomes friends with someone and then find out there a potential diabolical dozen candidate.

Can we have a “parent’s day” or “family day” where our MC’s mom comes to visit our college and our RO. I think it would be pretty cool especially to meet Crook’s family. Maybe the parents and family members can wear masks to hide their identity.

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@CaballeroDeAndromeda, please don’t drown in this thread as I am a notoriously poor swimmer and thus cannot ensure your rescue. :ocean:

@Ryuu, thanks! There will continue to be friction between some of the group members even though they do pretty much like each other. What’s the old saying about nothing getting accomplished by a committee? That sorta thing.

@Beezlebub, I doubt I will go that route, especially as it would render writing Part III extremely difficult. Now, if you’re asking if the MC might be able to lean a little to the dark side in Part III, that will be up in the air for some time.

@eqs189, yes I would expect to write those scenes.

@Brian, complete with the MC making smell-related puns? :smirk:

@Abyss, yes you can defeat them because they are fictional characters but your MC doesn’t have a chance in hell! :imp:

@122B, you always have creative ideas, I’ll give you that! I’ll have to see what kind of feedback from the general audience about the personas. You guys from the WiP thread overwhelmingly argued against giving the persona any real impact in the game. That might have to change though, at least as to how others start to react to you. And Origami :purple_heart: everyone but Tress does not like pervs.

@Owlet, making friends with any of the Dozen would be quite the undertaking. However, a lower-level villain might pop up in Part II who might fit the bill.

@eqs189, Haha “family day” with all the family members in masks could be extremely funny if done correctly! Well done! :fireworks: The only problem is that it would seem to strongly contradict the whole Speck privacy code. Hmmm…let me think about it. I’ll mark it down as a possible scene.

That gives me an idea. What if the “reward” for consistent persona play is a special chance to break character and have it be noticed by everybody in the room? The Jokester is grim, and everyone’s all, “Crap, we’re in real trouble now.” The Brooder gives a short but eloquent speech and everyone listens, Silent Bob style. It would basically be one special page of writing per persona, and it would be memorable without having to have major plot consequences.


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@122B, it’s a fine line between tweaking characters’ opinions of people and changing their personalities entirely. Everyone will probably “loosen up” a bit with each other among the Speck Seven, but Mob will still be cautious, Tress will still be ambitious, Crook will still be shady, but yes it’s possible they’ll get more used to one another. Writing the group’s eventual gelling as a team is going to be fun.

So I guess the answer is, “yes, somewhat, but DG might warm up to a traditionalist type of person and Stoic might warm up to…ummm…someone.”

@Havenstone, yeah that would be an appropriate payoff without greatly affecting the narrative. I like it!


@HornHeadFan would it be possible to remove the one equipment and one slot system thing in the first part of the game and just let players choose their own combination of equipments like, instead of having say a brass knuckles and that pole thing which you get the first time after achieving a 3 point GPA you can mix and match all sorts of equipment the MC earned, say listening device and thermal goggles and anyother equipment earned from the same category and mix them with say the brass knuckles.

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