Maybe that is something US colleges still do better for all their extortionate fees, but over here that is hardly the case any longer.

Of course going back to this game’s mc and Mara’s comment, perhaps they’re just meant to be a lazy Toff who may not have cared to read many of their assignments because they were going to graduate on basis of “legacy” anyway.

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I’m not sure if US colleges do it better, but between 1/2 and 2/3 of your required coursework for a baccalaureate have nothing to do with your major and are intended to make you a “well-rounded” human being. That’s a lot of money invested in becoming a “well-rounded” human being.

No need to do the work if you’re going to get the piece of paper regardless…


That is very different from here then, both my bachelor’s and masters were in law and while the bachelor does have a greater emphasis on legal history and philosophy the number of courses that have nothing to do with law are small, though one or two language courses are not uncommon and of course, remedial college math, which yours truly just managed to dodge by a hair’s breath is the dread of many a first year law student. But, overall I’d say the US/North American (does Canada follow this model for the bachelor’s too @Cataphrak?) first couple of years of college/university are radically different from ours.

Just so long as they’re actually competent at managing the family business, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There seems to be some confusion about race and/or racial heritage?
Here’s the screenshot I linked, for reference.

  • If you pick the first option, your last name is Mayhew.
  • If you pick the second option, your last name is McKressin.
  • If you pick the third option, your last name is Morrissey.

First Option

Second Option

Third Option


The romance thing is a bug. We’re fixing it. Everyone be cool.


Clear your cache and retry the demo for correct romance genders!


It depends on the programme. I took a whole bunch of courses in my first two years at University, ranging from Modern English Lit to Comp Sci (I actually switched from PoliSci to History when I realised I’d fulfilled more degree requirements for the latter than the former), but in my last two years, I focused heavily on the upper-division History courses I needed for my degree. My programme was pretty permissive in that regard, and I maybe only had a dozen or so mandatory courses (along with a handful of “breadth” requirements outside my general field of study).

Meanwhile, I’ve got friends who got degrees in engineering and computing science who more or less lived in those departments, and never poked their head out except to eat, go to the bathroom, and (occasionally, if they were lucky), sleep.


In the US Engineering kind of cheats to stay within commonly established limits of reasonable workloads and has by far the most demanding in-major requirements. Their 3 credit hour classes suck up as much classroom time as a typical 4 credit hour class and far more study time. They also tend to condense the well rounded education down to about 50 credits, with upwards of 70-80 credits of engineering classes which would actually be counted as 100 or more credits in just about every other major. Comp Science isn’t quite as bad as their 4 credit classes suck up the same amount of in class time as most other majors, but a BS in Comp Sci has heftier in-major credit requirements than a BA in the humanities, social sciences or the liberal arts. There is no such thing as a BA in Engineering to my knowledge, while some schools have BS’s in Comp Sci and others have BA’s. 120 credits is generally the minimum total credits needed for graduation although BS and Engineering programs can often exceed that.

I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry and a BA in Mathematics. Originally I was an Electrical Engineering major, then I spent some time flirting with Computer Science, and I finally went with Biochem and Math. My school had both BS and BA programs in Mathematics. I switched from the BS to the BA to cut down my major requirements and graduate quicker. I still do a bit of computer programming here and there.

The issue is the use or slur and racist words not the choice itself. I mean I understand that the person called me that is just a bigot and racist that goes to the setting But If I can marry different genders and be no binary I don’t want be treated differently based upon the race I have choose or the gender . I play a romance game for the romance not to be bullied by the race gender or country i came from I have already that nearby in real life.

So one of the earliest choices in the game allows the player to choose to play as an African-American, and “negro” in the 19thC, and in many contexts in the United States today, is not a derogatory or racist term.


Did anyone else find the choices and their corresponding stats hard to guess? I didn’t know what I was doing half the time I was plaing this game, and the other I was trying to remember who is who exactly. Newerthless, this wasn’t bad at all. I’m looking forward to the full game, and of course, that sweet Isaac romance. I’m intrigued, to say the least.


I am spanish and here negro is considered very racist term when used to portrait color people or dark skin in general. Is in fact a punitive insult by our laws of hate and racist speaking. I have family in Belgium with mixed races and same negro is slur for them. I also have said several racist propaganda in college where negro was racist.

I didn’t know it wasn’t in America so I was deeply worried . I understand setting was racist but i wasn’t expecting bing called that.
Also in games like Bioshock infinite negro was used as slur too so maybe it depends country?

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It depends strongly on the context. The history of when “black,” “colored,” “negro/Negro,” and “African-American” have been acceptable terms in the United States is very long, complicated, and again depends strongly on context.

One of the oldest advocacy groups for education of African-Americans in the United States is called “The United Negro College Fund,” which was founded in the 1940s has retained the use of “negro.” In contrast, there is The National Associated for the Advancement of Colored Persons (NAACP) more of a legal and political advocacy group, which was founded earlier, I think in at the turn of the 20thC, and retains the use of the term “colored.” Generally speaking, “negro” remained a polite and appropriate term until the end of the 1960s, and still remains favored by some older African-Americans.

We appreciate your concern, but I think sometimes there’s some things lost in translation for our non-US/native English speaking readers. The game has been vetted by a sensitivity reader.


I suppose so but certainly some disclaimer or a small glossary of terms should be appreciated to certain projects that could be sensitive. Not only for the proper collective but for casuals that aren’t natives. And could be triggered as i was for modern meanings or meaning same word has in modern media. It happens with portrait of words like gay in other games companies that have being conflicting.

I was not accusing of anything the company I know it works hard in equality but in settings different from modern and about real history terms it could be useful to just explain briefly terms in stats or at the beginning to avoid misunderstanding

I am from a Spanish speaking island in the Caribbean and here it depends on the tone that word is said, sometimes it’s even used as a term of endearment for lovers “mi negra” and even white people have called each other that strangely enough…(perhaps 'cause we’re all prtty much a mix of the Spanish colonizers, Africans and Native indians)

Anyway I understand it wasn’t bad to say that word in the US at the time the story takes place, I just wonder if my mc can just marry another man and no one would bat an eye? Since there was nothing specific mentioned about that

All our games are playable at a minimum as male or female (and going forward also as non-binary), and gay or straight. So there’s nothing about history to debate–that’s how the game must be written in order to be published by CoG.


Also mixed races marriages won’t be a problem in game either right? I mean it was a historical problem in some places but I suppose in a cog game is not part of it. Like i won’t read something like that.

No, that isn’t problem in the game.

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Thanks for the fast response that’s a great concept.

Ugh, Math, my eternal foe.