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Anyway, looking forward to the full game.


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That is an interesting and great start. Looking forward for tomorrow when this is released. I really love the settings and oh dear, 11 love interests? :heartbeat::heartpulse::heartpulse:

Out on Play Store!


It’s 7 A.M. where I live, I stayed up all night working and was about to sleep then I see this.

Sigh well, sleep is for the weak!


Sorry buddy! Hahahahahahha

ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! my halloween shall be filled with train tracks and loooooooove

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May I ask who did the interior art for the game? It’s just gorgeous!

My gut says Marcelo Gallegos, the artist for Demon Mark and Avatar of the Wolf, but I’d like to be certain.


It is Marcelo. The artist is always listed in the credits of the game.


I get the whole “historical accuracy” argument, hear it quite often, but this game is already modifying things for women and lgbt players so they don’t have to wade through tons of prejudice. Why is it forced on black players? I’m not black myself but I would be curious as to how black players feel about running into this language? I know I would be jarred and pulled out of the story if old words for lgbt people were thrown in for flavor.


I’m not the author, and I’m not the lead editor of the game, I’m not the sensitivity reader who reviewed the game before publication, and I’m not a black player, so I don’t know. However I stand by the statement that “negro” is not a derogatory term, either during the time period the game was set, or to a large extent in the present day United States. It is a dated term, but that is not by definition derogatory.


I mean…growing up in a school district with like 80% black kids, I’d get my ass kicked if I ever said negro. The only time I would consider it not racist in casual conversation is if you said, “Do you want to go to the Negro League Museum?”

In other words, “negro” is really not an acceptable synonym for “black” or “African American” in modern society.


The game is set during a period where negro was the polite and politically correct term for African-Americans. (A period which persisted until the 1960s, when “black,” became widely accepted.) It is not a word most people find shocking. It would be…odd for you to bandy it on the playground as an insult and I suggest could only be perceived as an insult because it is a dated term. I’m not sure what else I can say about this; as you point out you haven’t said something “bad” or insulting when you speak of the Negro League or the United Negro College Fund.


Those are titles of organizations which is a very different thing than using the term in conversation or calling someone that.

I’m curious, were there black play testers for this?


I understand where @Mary_Duffy is coming from but when I was watching some movies from the same era or books from that era, the use of negro is a common term, not a degatory term equivalent today. The African Americans even refer to it themselves during that time, I’ll try to look for reference.

I do understand it was quite a sensitive term to use since we are all modern readers.

Yes. Please google “sensitivity reader” if you don’t know what that is.

…I don’t think you need to look up any references. Maybe this is an age thing? Are people under 40 not aware that before “black,” or “African-American,” were widely used terms the term “negro” was the politically correct term used in America by all members of polite society?


Fair enough. If black players are fine with it, I’m fine with it.

It’s not as simple as that, I don’t think. I’m perfectly willing to be wrong or to be told I’m wrong about this. But I’d certainly prefer a person of color was making arguments about why this game (which isn’t even out yet…) doesn’t work, as opposed to white Americans and non-native English speakers we’ve heard from so far.

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