Edit: It’s displaying different numbers because one is updated and the other is not. You may have to back out of the game (all the way to the Discover/My Library screens) once or twice for it to update.


Same as chopper for me. I dont seem to be able to buy though unfortunately. It tells me there’s a network error.


Can you send a screenshot to


Done 20 characters minimum


I sent one too I have been having the same problem after clicking buy.


Okay, I released it like half a minute before you reported the problem, and it’s an iOS side error, so I’m inclined to say that I think iOS has to update it’s servers with the fact that the IAP is purchasable, and you should try again in a few hours. I’ll continue to dig around and see if I can find a problem in the mean time (and if I can prevent it in the future).


I hope the problem can be squashed soon and I am so happy it won’t be $7. :+1:


Wait is the game out now?


Technically yes but there is a problem with the iOS version so still only chapter 1


Where is the game? Cant find it on google play anywhere


@No_This_Is_Patrick @Valkyr It’s in soft launch now. We have to release games a day early so that it’s actually ensure that it’s purchasable on all platforms for the actual launch. It is available on platforms as those platforms update. It should actually release tomorrow.

@Chopper Sale date is based on the actual release, so it will be a week from tomorrow at the earliest that the sale will end.

Choice of Magics teaser

Which time zone do you mean when you say tomorrow? Cause thats another 22 hours for me lol


The night is long and full of terrors.




bro patric to the rescue.


You’re my hero man thank you


@Logan3000x @Valkyr


I think there’s a typo on the upgrade screen for IOS too


Thank you. Fixing that right now.

Notably, if you’re having trouble with purchasing on iOS, please make sure you’re on version 1.3.3 of the app. If not please update (or wait for the update if it’s not yes available).


When should the update release? (it isn’t out for me)