Author Interview:



A 540k word story about magic, written by Kevin G? :sob::sob::sob:


This is one of my most anticipated CoGs! I am so looking forward to this! :star_struck:

BLESS :hugs:
With the Last Wizard and now this I can sate my appetite for all things magic :heart_eyes:

Also, the animations in the trailer is fantastic!


Yes! I was wondering if you were releasing the demo too. I am so happy right now.


Congrats to @kgold … I am looking forward to losing myself in your story telling for hours. Thank you in advance for your work and dedication in writing and developing great IF fiction games.


Sincerely sounds wonderful and the fact you can be evil and conquer the land is a victory in my bool


I can’t wait. :slight_smile: Most anticipated game of the last few years.


550 k words. Beyond amazing :open_mouth:.


Every game has X number of chapters free. Whenever we post an author interview/coming soon/trailer post, those chapters will be available; this has always been the case but only recently have I begun pointing it out as the “demo” because it seemed like people didn’t know or notice.


If this is half as good as Choice of Alexandria, let alone Choice of Robots, it’ll still be amazing. Looking forward to it!


Congratulations, Kevin!


the most anticipated games is finally here near!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
can’t wait :star_struck:
Congrats @kgold… and so much thank you for your hard work!! :grin:


Man I’ve been hype about this since I saw it in the upcoming games list! I was really sad I was travelling when the beta opened or I would’ve signed up, but I can’t wait to see the final product!

And one chapter in I've somehow already found my favorite character--her appearance came to my head so quickly I had to do a quick sketch! Watch out for very minor spoilers of one line

if Tal had an age stated I didn’t notice it so I’m just assuming the MC and their ilk are early to mid twenties


Yes it is stated that mc and Tal are in their mid twenties


as @Morphine stated both MC and Tal are in mid-twenties while the Queen is thirties , although Tal will still call the Queen old folk :slight_smile:


Oh shit, this game is finally gonna come out. Nice!

Out of all the CoG’s, this one really stood out to me. Here’s hoping it’s just as good (or even better!) than Choice Of Robots.


Yes!!! After reading Choice of Robots I just fell in love with KG’s writing style, and replayed the game over and over again. One of my main focus when finding COG games are magic/supernatural elements and to see a great writer doing this genre is exciting. Played the demo and I can’t wait for the rest to come out :smiley:


I love that art, it’s basically how I envisioned her too



I actually think your sketch captures the spirit of the game better than the trailer!