Any news on the steam front about the release?


Soon. It’s approved by Apple, their servers just need to update to include it.

@Greed22 Steam release will not be until tomorrow. Steam is good about updating things in a timely manner, so we only do it right before release.


Just wondering, when it says Fri Aug 10 12:30 does it mean am or pm


If I understand correctly, PM. I know CoG use military time.


Dang it, cause I was going to try to buy it immediately. Though it does make sense since then everyone can be there to see if it released


The only annoying thing is that it is nearly always Apple. Not all CoG and Hosted games even get Steam releases and some who do get them later anyway. Since the sad demise of the Chrome webstore the PC market has been somewhat under-serviced already, unfortunately. :unamused:
Fortunately it seems like Choice of Magics is going to be on Steam. Though I probably need to wait for EU Steam to refresh, which may be as late as tomorrow morning, if I’m really unlucky.

I wouldn’t assume, remember that one magical item vendor in Dragon Age 2’s mystic emporium, eternal life without immunity from rot and decay?


is the game released on choice of game website? I bought it already on there and can play up to chapter 4, then it’s just a never ending loading screen T.T


@RETowers mention today is supposed to be soft release for the game to prepare itself for the actual release tomorrow …


It’s been released on Apple’s COG omnibus.


So it’s working now but it has returned to $6.99 is that the sale price?


Steam is still “coming soon.”


iam still asking myself what i must pay for the power of magic


all of the things…


Technically you’ve always had to pay for magic be it from your own mana, life force or sometimes with your humanity for dark magic. This is just another form of payment where you can’t just shit out spells and have to balance it out and the consequences.


Dr. Gold remains the standard against which I measure other CoG authors.


Sometimes, you don’t have to pay the cost at all…


Choice of magics
Need more Cowbell


Im having some difficulty with an achievement. Specifically, The purest saint: immune from rot, as well as the one where you play god. Any tips? I know only to have an alchemy set.


Just finish my first play through I love this game!!!

Don’t go round blowing everything up :joy: surprisingly doesn’t end well :thinking:


Finally start my own adenture as an Archmage again… just read till chapter 2 but already love it so much and thrill with my gain thus far

manage to get the 2nd blue magic sword and the dragon egg :smile: … I adore Saint Ann very much, too bad she is dying … apparently not even a Saint can resist the rot … i would love to liberate the specter but surprise that befriending him couldn’t set him free

@kgold Both Saint Ann and Elizabeth not an RO right?