@kgold You just couldn’t resist the pickle mention could you?



Did someone survive with glamour as main I tried twice and both ended really bad.


Finished the game! My magical civilization was forced underground by a world-engulfing storm I caused, whoops.

It’s incredibly hard to get gold in the game, and I was agonizing over my budget by the end. Next time I’m going to do a “maximum greed” playthrough and see how long it takes before the entire world turns against me.


Just use a lot of glamour the rot will nearly kill you towards the end and how to get the saint achievement are easy from there


I really don’t get this. I just bought it for 6.99 but when I play the demo it says upgrade for 4.99. Do I get a refund?


I just restard the game because Vance kiled Sam, wtf Vance???


Not sure i follow. I ended up my death bed haha.


wah what a great game! though does anyone know how:

to get a fate shaper in chapter 3, and perform the three magics of the sun hinted by Seer Marie?


As far as I can tell, there are incredibly potent books near the end of the game that cost a lot of money with names like The Immortality Experiment. The key might be in getting one of those.

Better start pinching those pennies.


Yeah, rot is overkill and i am not faithful enough it seems


are the rot killing you? if you:

can brew potions and have both skills in negation and vivimancy, you can cure yourself of the rot


I don’t get the alchemy or that I am great in automatic


I don’t get the alchemy or that I am great in automatic

easy, you just need to get the alchemy set in chapter 1


This was so worth the wait.

On my first playthrough, I made nargles, became the mother of a dragon (won’t be the mother of dragons til the next playthrough), and married my student in the flying city of Columbia. Yay!

Second playthrough, a tortoise was my downfall. A fucking tortoise. Wtf.


You can survive with Glamor if you have the money/stats to cure yourself, otherwise, if you have a good relationship with the church, Saint Ann will come to you when you’re sick and ask you to take over her position as the hierophant; in which case, if you accept, you live and she dies in your place.

That’s the way I survived my first playthrough with Glamor as main stat, there might be some other ways I haven’t found out yet.


I did that and end blind and crazy


Oh wow. It must have something to do with stats or prior choices then, because it ended well enough for me. I took over as hierophant with no issue and told Abraxas to sleep when he came to me. I’ve only done two playthroughs so far, haven’t found all the endings yet.


All hail Qux Delsdaughter, the Hierophant Queen. (Getting Hierophant and Queen in the same playthrough was pretty fun.)


I just wanted to say how wonderful this game is , same level choice of a robot i had 6 playthroughs and have a lot of replay value . Romances and just friendship feels organic and with several cute and really funny moments. Maybe I just only notice the lack of several obvious evil or selfish choices but is just minor stuff. And the endings could be really cute and positive with everything okay and everyone marrying to a apocalyptic stuff and you ending bl8nd rot and mad.


just finished my first playtrough im the type that plays tha game only one time but this games is so amazing i have to try more paths and my first playtrough was like that Married Tal after being in a love triangle with vera and her,focused and automation and glamour,made the potion to survive the rot and made a giant cannon to blast the storm,after that magically engineered dragons and destroyed the negation sea,cos married the queen and Tal and my character adopted a child just like Tal,it was pretty sweet and i like that the last chapter is about the end of your adventure it gives a better and more fulfilling ending to it and also nobody died so yay