Speaking as someone who follows game development as a hobby, delays happen and I personally don’t see them as a punishment, just something to expect. The release dates and times are always tentative, and even in the event that they change, it’s a week or two at most for CoG. If Steam is any reliable source, we’re possibly even getting the game sometime today. A few hours’ delay is definitely preferable to the “never” that plenty of anticipated games have been hit with.


While the delay is disheartening (especially for such a stupid reason), I can afford to wait just a bit more for this incredible and awesome game.

Delays are, unfortunately, just a natural part of video games at this point. Best thing we can do is be patient and wait for it. It’ll have to come out eventually, and that’s all I really need.


is this not released?? swear it had option for me to buy just before on COG??? but dosen’t let me anymore :confused:


It was taken down because it’s not ready yet


what do you mean ? is it buggy? well depressing


The Haze under Windbrooke had a problem with the web version they need to sort out, since the IOS version now uses the web version as a base. It might be a similar case here, or it might be a problem on the platform’s part.


We’re sorry it’s not available for release yet. We don’t need help getting it released. We generally prefer to release on all platforms at the same time. Your patience is appreciated. You’ll know immediately when it is available if you’re signed up for the mailing list.


Having played and looked at the demo, using Glamor increments your “rot” variable and makes you vomit. Healing someone with Vivomancy also increments rot, although growing wings does not. Instead you lose some fighting ability and gain subtlety in what appears to be an even trade. I have a feeling a high rot score will be very bad later in the game. I hope there is some way to reverse it, otherwise your life as a Glamorer or Saint may be a short one…

The original definition of Saint as defined in the Bible was something a bit different, and most protestants still subscribe to the original definition, which is namely that anyone alive or dead who lives/lived a sanctified life is a saint.

Because magic is fun! (and popular)


In regaurds to rot, achievementent spoilers: there is an achievement for becoming immune to the rot, and there is one for becoming immortal, which I would also assume means immune u rot


Is there a way to keep track of the rot score?


I suppose you could keep a tally of the number of times you use glamor, or heal with vivomancy. For the most part it looks like each use is a 1 pt increase in the first chapter. The exception is if you glamor the inquisitor, keep him with you, and then he hits you with his mace when the glamor wears off. That’s a 2 pt increase. If you buy the game and are willing and able to mod it, you could uncomment the “Magic Consequences” section of the stats page that was used for debugging before publication.


Hmmm… kind of like we sacrifice some of our life energy ( the kinetic energy of our cells) and transfer them to another person , same theory as Energy conduction ( collisions of cell particles and movement of electrons within our body to another body ) , although instead of temperature difference, it should be life force difference ? From a person with higher life force to lower life force :slight_smile:

That will explain why healing someone will increase our own rot…


I like the science-y explanation.
Here’s a death apple! :grin:


Games not even out yet seriously :expressionless:


Saw that eariler and what does he even mean the magic can literally kill you that takes guts


Oh… I always think Science evolved from Magic :smile: , Scientists burn off all Tomes of Magic and re-written everything in scientific theory because they don’t want people to become Mages ever again ( Mages are simply too wild and hard to control ) , items like light bulbs, pistols etc are just re-invented rods , wand etc and potions are just modern medicines these day :grin:


It seems to be an account that does unserious (unfunny) joke reviews. I’d bet that they based their ‘review’ on the title of the game alone. He’s referring to using magic being lame because the account seems based around punching stuff.

So, it’s not really relevant. But the reviewer is still a punk for potentially harming the game’s image.


Is there a sale?
The price says 6.99 but it doesn’t have a normal sale. I ask because I am saving up for telltales the walking dead and I don’t know if I can afford it without a sale.

  1. Yes, there was a typo I’m fixing in the game files (you should be charged the sale price regardless of the listed price right now).

  2. What platform are you one?


Right now I am on iOS.
On one of my phones it has sale price but on my other phone it does not