Is it not having a sale? It’s out now but for full price only. I’m fine with that, it’s only $1 per 110K words, but I was under the impression all releases had a sale for like at least the first weekend.


Where are you looking? As far as i can see its not out yet


Can’t see it either, can you post a link?


I believe it’s not out on IOS yet… I’m sure I’ll get an email soon saying it been release just hang in there!!


Can’t find it on play store either


Why so many magic games-


Because magic is good!


I’m playing it right now on the CoG site. I just started chapter 2.

Edit: perhaps I spoke too soon. I was able to buy it and it worked fine at first, seems to be buggy now that I’ve started chapter 2.


I tried that and it just links me to the play store when i select purchase, dont know whats happening with you


Ahh ok I tried that earlier and it would send me to the CoG app and then I’d have to restart my phone becuase until I did the CoG ap would auto close ever time I tried to open it from then on.


I’ve removed it from sale on the web. It’s not ready yet.


I’m playing on a browser, so it doesn’t route me to an appstore, it just lets me purchase it on the site (I prefer that when I buy CoGs, lets me play them on any device).




Which platform is giving you problems with the release? @jasonstevanhill


I’m trying to get it through Apple myself. Is there anything we can do to assist? Calling their customer service?


If there’s a slowdown involving the platforms, it’s unfortunately something that needs to be solved on the publisher’s end. No amount of shouting at Apple or Steam customer service reps will fix it. And if it’s from a development end, it will still involve them working through it independently.

Frustrating. But we – the fans – have gotten through delays like this before.


I still dont understand why they wont release on a platform as soon as its available, dont see any point in waiting for one platform at the detriment to all other fans, maybe im missing something


Simultaneous releases make sure all fans don’t feel left out. It’s better than the policy plenty of publishers have, where they will release a game on one platform and not even bother with ports to other platforms for a year or more, if ever. In that respect, I’d gladly take a few days’ delay if it means the game will be successful for both CoG and the author.


Thats very true, but i think that has its problems too, such as apple having a hissy fit then android owners dont get the game on time, shouldnt punish everyone for one companies incompetence