I recommend you reread Dai Da2 lore and Asunder and the Masked empire because you have very very rusty and wrong your lore. I am telling you as reader . Inquisition DISAPPEARED after Andraste death. Disvanded by the divine in the first age by the Nevarran accord that creates Circles Templars and the seekers of truth. Last Divine created the new directive for a new inquisition after the destruction of the Nevarran accord and the templars were rogue it didn’t actually active until the Heaven destruction and creation of the Breach. Cassandra was never and inquisitor she wasva Seeker of truth an order created to control in name of chantry both mages and templars due their special training

And sorry to the off topic


The biggest thing about that is, it seems like magic runs off a “less-than-equivalent exchange.” Vivomancy in particular outright states you’ve lost body mass from growing and shrinking your wings. I have a feeling Glamor gives you the kind of cell death/genetic damage that Vivomancy either can’t entirely fix, or might even make worse.


Well i suppose is not so bad because if not nobody will do magic . I certainly don’t if given me cancer


I mean the inquisition in DA:I. That Inquisition, while it may have been originally formed with the intention of fixing the Mage-Templar War, was ultimately turned into a military organization for fighting Corypheus, and either dissolved or reduced once that mission was over.

And while it’s off-topic, anti-magic control methods are relevant to Choice of Magics.


So excited for this but… comes out on Friday for me :sweat_smile:image


Has the game come out yet


Oh god, 6 more hours!!


Unfortunately, we don’t know if we’re going to be able to release today. We’re still waiting for Apple to approve. Please stay tuned for more information.


What about android? (20 carapters)


tell apple they’re too late, you’re in charge. Just chuck it on please i really want to play it. Their loss


I agree, I’m really not a fan of holding up release on every other platform because Apple is taking advantage of its ability to be abusive and dictatorial.


Same , but maybe economically is better gor Cog launch everything same time. I am in Google too so is a shame but Patience


The game will sell either way, Apple fans are like that, they keep buying Apple products after all.


yeah i agree and apple users won’t notice a difference at all if was released late, as this is primarily a COG game


Maybe Apple takes lesser share in revenue than Google? If that’s the case, it is better if Apple customers purchase the product in Apple rather than buy it in an Android phone


I agree. If apple users are also like me (using just one platform for these games) then they’ll still buy it even if it gets released later than it does on the google store or on steam. So I really don’t see the point in waiting whenever Apple tries to pull some crap.


Doubtful, but either way COG will make the same money either way. If Apple fans end up unhappy that the game is late on the AppStore yet then they should complain to Apple. Apple will probably come up with a reason why it is the end-users fault the game was delayed though :wink:


We can’t do a thing anyway. Let’s leave it to the guys at the top…They have dealt with this situation countless number of times. Let’s wait for an update.


That first chapter is so good, why isn’t this out yet! :persevere:


Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay reveal and Choice of Magics’ release.

Today is a good day!