CoG and HG: suggestions on what to play - Consolidated Thread

hey everybody! I’ve been thinking about something and I thought I might ask here… Are there any relaxing games?
You know, something that’s just delightful to read, be it for the way the narrator addresses you, or the atmosphere and such, just suggestions in general for games you found relaxing?

And by relaxing I don’t mean necessarily slow or overly simplified, just like, a nice experience!

I love me a good ol’ thriller and adrenaline filled story, but from time to time I come across games in which either the narrator addresses you in a calm manner, or describe certain situations in a fun, lighthearted and and lovely way, or maybe there’s a certain character that simply makes your MC feel right at home and you just unwind reading it! I was wondering if there were more games that did this!

WIPs are good as a suggestion too! : )


Hmm, relaxing is tough since plot tends to center on conflict. I suppose it depends on what you find relaxing. Even romances can prove stressful for some people. I actually find text-based games relaxing in general because they mostly involve reading. I don’t think there’s anything so idle slash sleep-inducing as a resource management game or crossword puzzle. Gun to my head, I would say the most “relaxing” CoG/HG I’ve played is Tin Star? (That may sound ridiculous to some.) It’s so long that I find the pace is slower (room to breathe) and a lot of the scenery is the open desert. @Cloudinthehead

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I would suggest Mischief in the Suburbs by @Klonoah, if you haven’t read it already.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it relaxing, but it’s definitely one of the cutest games I’ve played.


With the VERY recent release of the first WIP for Bracken Fell, I was wondering if there are any other games, finished or not, where you play a totallly not human MC. As in, not humanoid either. It can be an animal, anthropomorphic or not, or a toy or whatever. Creatures like fox spirits that transform into humans don’t really work either for that specific theme.
And well, preferably with romance!

There’s also The Cain Foundation that I know of and love, despite the very short WIP atm.

As far as finished games go, I know CoG has one with a dragon MC and one with a cat MC, but I’m not really a fan of either - mostly because I find them too stat based.

Have you tried Welcome to Moreytown? :relaxed:

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In my WiP Talon City, you play a fairly anthropomorphized owl. (not sure if/when it will be finished, just 25% done)

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Yeah, I did. Sadly, it’s my nemesis of CoG/HG games :rofl:
For some reason, I CAN’T get my head around it and get a decent ending. So much that I even forgot I had it :sweat_smile:

I’ll check it out, thanks!

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I hope you find one you love!

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I’m looking for a game where you can be very chaotic. Doing the opposite of what people expect just to get a reaction out of them, causing mayhem and confusion where ever you go, that sort of thing.

Also, any stories where you have some sort of disorder/disability? It can be physical or mental.

WIPs are fine, too.

I haven’t finished the game yet but I think Fallen Hero fits your description

Hi everyone, is this a thread suitable to look for certain features of a game?

I’m looking for a game where micromanagement exists, with daily/monthly/annual report of production v.s. expenses, trying to reach a surplus and avoiding resource depletion, expanding your fiefs / properties / anything you own as the story progress, it doesn’t have to precisely about collecting resources but able to make the readers feel that micromanagement is an important part of the game, and leaning more toward challenging than frustating.

I don’t think this thread: Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games is suitable for my question because I don’t remember playing any WIPs with features above before.

if such gem exists in this community, please let me know about it and about its author, thank you


Depending on if you want the disorder/disability to be a real-life one, Mind Blind has you being a psychic zero, meaning that you actually broadcast your thoughts to any nearby telepaths. It’s also the biggest trauma conga line that I’ve seen in CoG games so far.

The second biggest trauma conga line is in A Mage Reborn - I hope you like PTSD-triggered flashbacks. You can also pick up a shattered knee (accompanied with permanent limp) very early on, but it doesn’t really impact the story, so I’m not sure it counts for your purposes.

Published: Kepler colony. I think Rebels would also fit.

WIP: Dragon chronicles


Helloooo, I’m looking for games where I can play as an Elf. Also games where I can play someone middle-aged, or where there’s middle-aged/mature romance going on! Ideally way beyond the initial flirty phase including marriage. Also anything where I could play as queen (excluding Guinevere, know that one very well :P).

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Choice of romance springs to mind. It’s based off Anne Bolyn (with magic) anyway.

In the Service of Mrs. Claus

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Are there any games were you play as a detecitve, other than Wayhaven?

I could be mistaken, but I think the Evertree Saga let’s you play as an elf? Might be wrong about that though.

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I think this would need a clarification of what kind of an elf is required. Santa’s elves are completely different creatures from your stock fantasy elves (and it bugs me endlessly that they’ve been shelved together, but that’s not for here and now) and neither are, as far as I understand, fae, so it’d be important to know what is needed here.

Hey don’t shoot the messenger :wink:. They didn’t specify and Santa’s elves are technically a type of elf. Usually if people are looking for sidhe mythology/folklore type fae they specify, otherwise we’re usually going for “whatever goes type elves” or the popular modern movie type ones.

I wasn’t! I just figured clarification was needed (since it’s very different to play as Legolas or as Nokinenä).