Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


Up here we talked about this bit. As I understand it, like the wards, no theurgic change is permenant. Even the theurgiclly enhanced weapons are on a sharpness lease just in their case it’s 999 years or something.



Something minor I noticed: after selling a couple mules my wealth was reported as “75 silver drachems and loot worth 1482 more”. Mules are exchanged for cash, no?

Also got this line from Kalt as a secret Theurge:


Even though at this point I had Breden tied up and tossed in a hole. She kept showing up after and I wasn’t prompted to pick another deputy.


@Havenstone, found this when meeting Alaine and saying she had to pay to stop the raids:

Your half-Nereish fence inhales sharply, then bursts out laughing. “Ai zudak, boy, you think you’re worth paying off? For the Syntechnia? You’re barely worth their notice. They lose more to termites in the record books than they do to your little pack of brigands.”

The MC isn’t supposed to be Nere, so I think you mean Alaine.


I think the sentence is correct. “half-Nereish” describes the fence (Alaine)…and the "Your’ is a possessive pronoun in this case.


I think the following is a continuity issue that may need a few words changed.

If you shoot Horion and Linos just as they enter the pass, you get this wording:

Within an hour, the two strangers share a deep and anonymous grave. Not in a thousand years would anyone find them – not this far out in the wilderness.

However, in the following days you often overhear nervous conversations about your slain guests. You can’t help worrying that some of those stories might find their way back to civilization. As word spreads of the killing, a debate flares up in the camp. Everyone knows that hospitality to traveling strangers is an obligation under the Karagond Canon; but you hadn’t realized that for Whends, it’s an absolute cornerstone of sacred and social Order. Most of the Whends in your band are vocally outraged when they discover your appalling violation of the guest-code.

The first sentence (in bold face) is the continuity problem. Shooting the stranger as they came up…well, they were not guests, at least as would be interpreted by most readers. The MC didn’t exactly invite them. There is no problem for the Whends being pissed…as you say, hospitality to a stranger is sacred.

I think adding a little something, or clearing up that part about being guests would be my suggestion.



Divine_Apostasy needs to go back to grade school for reading comprehension. [/quote]


There is no face in the sentence. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a fence though.


Your can be possessive when referring to an individual. If one changes ‘fence’ to ‘criminal contact’…the “Your” would still be correct.


I swear it said face when I first read through it. $10 says Vertigo thought so as well.


I believe you. Other things can happen. I know my mind will sometimes read a word a certain way, when it actually doesn’t (Freudian slips come to mind). There can also be mundane reasons like a smudge on one’s monitor, etc.


Hi Mara - just checking this, and the three people who die are Fedrel the traitor and the two outlaws he kills trying to get to you.

I think it’s reasonable that on your run, with lots of food and no dead bandits, Fedrel might not feel inclined to stab you and sell your corpse. So I’m revising the Week 4 intro scene to make Fedrel’s betrayal a bit less inevitable for MCs who haven’t got the whole village along with them.

And there will be an achievement for getting through the winter with zero casualties; though of course this will only be possible for players like you who let the Harrowing go ahead in Rim Square.

Edit: and just for the record, the sentence “Your face inhales sharply, then bursts out laughing,” along with any ethnic variants on the same, has never appeared and will never appear in XoR.


Oh, yeah, that is a nice improvement. Fedrel trying to betray my fully functioning rebel band with full rations, plenty of mules, and high morale was a bit odd. After all, why would he even join the rebellion in the first place if he was such a wuss? :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! Exactly what popped into my mind when I read that sentence and saw there was a link XD


Fedrel was just a bandit in the Whendward band before you took it over. Not everyone rebels by choice, many are forced to do so against their will by circumstance. Fedrel is an example of this.

There is a reason I always choose exile, even with my semi-ruthless helot.


Right – the last alpha update is now live at [link removed June 2017]

It’s still too easily possible to get nonsensical results in Chapter 4, e.g. with 2 adults left in your band by the time the Plektoi arrive and -12 by the end of the chapter; and the balance of Ch 2 is still not what I want it to be. But we’ll work out the rest of that in the beta test.

Having this last update up should at least reduce the incidence of people finding and reporting the same bugs. :slight_smile:

Enjoy, all!


Huh. Well, he killed two guys, exile was not really an option for my band. Always had Zvad kill him, or let the people decide.

Although if I had a Com2 character (Which I have never seriously tried), I would absolutely exile him for the massive boosts in relations with everyone of importance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see the new update is up, will definitively try it soon!



Now I owe you ten bucks.


Ran into my first bug of the new build.
bandits line 25194: Invalid expression at char 15, expected OPERATOR, was VAR [modulo]


Ran into a typo related to Breden’s gender:

“He’s right; in your time with the group, at least three young helots came to a meeting or two, then slipped away.”

“He’s right” should be “She’s right” for me, since my Breden is a woman. This is from just after escaping the Keriatou dungeons.

Edit 1:

"Algarn purses his lips, silently accepting the necessity. "We’ll need more mules than we have now. At least -2 of them. "
Algarn is a demanding fella. He really asks for the impossible. :wink:

Edit 2:
My main character’s winter:
You’re an aristo who chose to steal from the Hegemony.

Your morale is 438.
Your notoriety is 114.
Your anarchy is 10.
You have 192 followers, 17403 drachems, and 46 arms.
Your credibility with aristos is 255, helots 255, merchants 265, priests 145, and yeomen 305.
Your followers’ leadership is: Breden 12, Zvad 5, Elery 0, Radmar 2]

I really like the new tax collector decision, very happy about that.

Edit 3:
From the final battle:
"Normally, you’d hold back from the fray; but today you hurl yourself in with a ragged howl. Your Theurge-forged weapon cleaves armor as if it were parchment."
I do not think I should have Theurge-forged weapons? I did not try to interrupt the Harrowing.

Conclusion: Overall pretty happy with the new improvements that I have seen. Nice to actually have a much larger band of rebels now, which also made money more of an issue because buying weapons is expensive. The new mule price also helps with that, I feel.


I dunno if this has been asked before but is there any way to save the Noble father from dying? I really liked him as a character for some reason…