Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


I don’t know if the final public version is going to keep the Ch. 3/Ch. 4 restart options. If it does, you might double-check things with de Firiac. If you prove yourself a brute in a certain walkthrough, then restarting the chapter keeps having de Firiac acting that way (some kind of variable doesn’t revert to the original value, I imagine), especially if you restart in Ch. 3.


I think this might be a mistake. Kalt just joined my rebellion, I am a male noble named Peryn de Serin (default name choices) and this is the text I got verbatim:

“With that kind of story, you’ll fit in well here.” You keep your eyes on his face as you suggest, “It’s also the sort of story a Kryptast spy would tell to ensure a sympathetic welcome, don’t you think?”

“In a band led by young lord lady Highfalutin de Shayarin? I reckon they’d be safer to make up some tale about the local Alastor.”

I assume the bolded is supposed to be the characters name encoded into there.


Delurking to say that wow, I’d played through this game several months ago but this latest version is like a whole different big wonderful crazy complicated beast. It’s really rewarding checking out all the different options over multiple playthroughs and there are still a ton of possibilities I have yet to check out. Really amazing work.

Just a couple things I found (unless someone else already mentioned them):

'A few minutes, you’re in the leader’s tent with Young Earnn and three other exhausted, tense-looking rangers. “What word?” you demand.'
After a few minutes? For a few minutes?

Sounds strange:
’“If they’re so willingly law-abiding, kuria, how do they look on…” I clear my throat. “Our arrangement?”'
But you don’t have an arrangement yet…?

And an awkward occurrence where Radmar and company decided to mutiny on Week 10 even though we already had more than enough grain stores to make it through the week… Now, I’m not saying I didn’t deserve a mutiny (stealing only from the institutions of the Hegemony, 50+ people killed, and disagreeing with the moot’s decision with only 1 pitiful Charisma), but having it trigger in the final week was completely incongruous with the situation by that time. Maybe capping it at week 8 or 9 would be better?


There is supposed to be a scene where they get killed…but what triggers it and how avoidable it is, I have no idea.

I also have never read it, but same issue as you: I skim through a lot that I have already read.


Because it’s really satisfying?


@Havenstone sorry if this already been addressed but recruitment seems a lot more less effective towards the last couple of weeks of winter I committed most of my followers to spreading knowledge of the rebellion and seeking out recruits. I sent out like a 100 recruiters led by Breden but they only brought back like ten people. I feel like since Breden is basically a CHA 2 character they should have been able to bring back a ton of more especially since there were over a 100 recruiters going all together


So, I just got a pretty bizarre bug. Was playing as a skeptic helot with 2 CHA, told the band there were no Angels and got the standard text, people leave in two or threes.

Only the game is telling me I have 281 followers, 180 children and three adults.

I’m running a rebellion here, not a Xaotic daycare!


Because Breden be walking around me like…

That being said, they are too useful for my MC to be killed so early in the game.

IMO no one should rule out that possibility because it’s by far the most realistic. Really, what is the chance of getting only one rotten apple out of hundreds? Especially with the people in power wanting our heads on a stick.


Your arrangement with her at that time is to sell her stolen goods at a low price.


Ah, ok. Maybe I’ve just been braindead whenever reading through that section. Will go reread.


Okay. Okay. Just got done with a full readthrough of the new update (well, mostly done. I died and my rebellion failed). Anyway, Is there a way to get rid of Breden after the winter or is it too late at that point? I know immediately after the harrowing she can be exiled, but is it possible to exile/brutally muder her at any other point?


2 ways that I know of. The first entails letting Breden know that you don’t trust him as you head into the woods. This works best if you still have decent relations with you (romance not required). Also, sometime during the winter, Zvad will ask you if you trust Breden…tell him no. Then, if Breden asks to dance, you can reject him harshly (tell him you’re not interested)…then he will make a comment about you not trusting Zvad, but Breden will notice Zvad looking in his direction. Especially if you are a noble, Breden will run off.

The second part is sort of like the first. I am a little more unsure about this. However, even if you don’t tell Breden you distrust him after leaving the Harrowing, you will have opportunities to talk to Zvad about your…concerns. If enough coincidences pile up (such as more guards at the de Merre estate, or if you attack a merchant town…) Zvad will hint at letting Breden ‘have an accident’ (Elery isn’t a fan of this as you can imagine)


Heh, yes I can imagine that. I wonder what she would think if she knew it was Zvad that suggested it?


Oh, she definitely comments on it, though she doesn’t say foul play (though I’m sure she suspects it) :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’ve managed to get both instances above to happen, though I don’t know if you need to participate in several instances where Breden screws up, or just one.

And if you make it a goal to take on the Phalangites, I do recommend ditching Breden before the winter…this way, you will have the numbers needed to take down your foe.


Ive always thought either the fight or hide in the woods options were best. Going back to the camps never really made sense to me, even when I wasn’t sure that the person suggesting it was a traitor…


Going back to the camps actually makes sense if you are a very small band, interested in a more peaceful revolution, especially for a Charismatic MC who upends the religious order. In a way, to borrow a real world example, Christianity was sort of spread this way…(I know there was more than this, but it wasn’t an empire crushing revolution which spread it along)

Anyways, I was able to get this event to trigger…I played as a noble distrustful of Breden. With Zvad in second in command, and after the de Merre raid, you can tell Zvad you don’t trust Breden, Radmar, both, etc…and Zvad will give the following suggestion:

[spoiler]The big Whend looks unhappy but hesitates only a moment. “Accidents happen out here. We’re fording a river tomorrow, just upstream from a rough bit. And our Breden looks a poor swimmer.”

Choice 1: No. I’m just not convinced yet.
Choice 2: No. I think he’s the traitor, but I can’t bring myself to kill him until there’s proof.
Choice 3: No. I’ll kick him out of the band instead.
Choice 4: I nod silently to Zvad.[/spoiler]

So, you do things from a metagame perspective, you could rely on Bredens talents (say recruiting people), then off him towards the end of the winter.

Of course, doing so might ensure you don’t have the Brecks gang, especially if you play a Com 2/Int 2 MC

Also, for anyone who’s looked at the code, if you pay a Diakon to come after the winter, does that give a slight increase to your reputation with the Ecclesiasts, at least if he does so? If not…then I could see justifying a small bump to it then


Not just from the metagame pov, but really I didn’t start questioning Breden irl until things like that started happening, but even then wasn’t sure until the evidence from this new update.


The metagame comment was mostly meant in case someone really wants to do min/max stuff (I sometimes like to do that).

But from a narrative perspective, yeah, it looks really damning to Breden. Once again, that’s why I was unsure if there was a way of Theurgically controlling/hypnotizing someone’s actions…which could be more scary for a group than a kryptast, especially if it got out even the most loyal person could be turned at an inopportune time.


Spacing Suggestion:
I don’t know if this happens every time Radmar warns you about Breden’s popularity, but you might put a space when the start of the week shows up after Radmar’s talk.

Because the one leader everyone will be looking to will be Breden Bloody Reaper." He spits into the pine needles, gives you one final glower, and stalks back to camp. At the start of Week 5 when you send out the barley run, the band has around 3 bushels of grain in stock; you’ll need to get that up to 57 bushels before the end of the week if everyone’s to eat at the rations you’ve set.

Suggestion: Make the “At the start…” a separate paragraph. It was almost to easy to gloss over the amount of grain needed.

Because the one leader everyone will be looking to will be Breden Bloody Reaper." He spits into the pine needles, gives you one final glower, and stalks back to camp.

At the start of Week 5 when you send out the barley run, the band has around 3 bushels of grain in stock; you’ll need to get that up to 57 bushels before the end of the week if everyone’s to eat at the rations you’ve set.


Speaking of maxing stuff do you know if it is still possible to max traps in new update? I know it used to max out and I’m not sure if the fact that the option isn’t disappearing is because it can upgrade forever or if it is some sort of glitch and further work after a point is wasted.