Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



Since the tournament is (un-)officially finished, I’d like to head home, host potential allies, train troops, develop our lands a bit.


Officially finished I’d say. Though, the bitter accident at the feast might make the nobility of Myria reconsider if they want another one anytime soon.


Might I also ask which troops you mean? Technically speaking I have no idea which general you chose.


Well, the House is barely defended by a skeleton crew of household guards. We raised a militia to assist our uncle, at the moment, we have however many men as militia and the step above that (say around 50 troops max?). The vibe that I’m getting is were planning on a war, we at the very least need to be able to defend our lands.


Training Household Guards is great but not as useful as they are not in any way practical. Of course, they represent the bulk of the force at Kingshill Keep (Zelia Guards), but I’d rank them footmen to sergeants at most by game standards.
Who are you allying with, though?


2 different playthoughs. One my general is Uncle Harold. The other is “Lord” Layne(?) that brought in his own drunken mess of men to help.

Oh, I’ve only found Lord Koper as a potential ally (along with good ole Uncle Zelia).

Edit: Vulfram, that’s the one.


You mean Vulfram? Layne basically raises militiamen just like your uncle.
Edit: There’s Jacob.


Jacob the “famous” mercenary that we have to pay loads of gold for or grant lands to?


That’s the one. Aye.


I would still like to host my allies at home, train troops and etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh? You didn’t accept his offer, then?
Why? It’s a win-win.


Oh, I did. Hope he makes it to my lands along with Koper and we can party like it’s 99!


You’ve amassed quite a force then. Let’s just hope you didn’t get thrown in the dungeon and framed for Dander’s assassination.
Oh, well, otherwise, you’re perfectly fine.


Hmm. It seems like house management and ROs are the most popular poll options…
I’d rather include all of them, but ROs are hard to write for me and I prefer doing combat scenes. (Probably the only thing I am good at, or at least average). House management is something that requires the least effort and so are misc quests. I’ll include a small piece of each.


I love you`re combat scenes.


Thanks. I guess they’re pretty average, I just didn’t want this to be a “you attack, your opponent dies,” etc scenes.
Plus I try to do additional research about historical/real medieval combat.


Writing yet another different paragraphs for each weapon.

What’s the point of these, you may ask? It’s a display of how your performance in combat gets flashier, quicker and more lethal depending on the quality of your weapon.


Thats why i love youre battle scenes dude there intense and gritty.


A great way to show off all of the weapons which can be acquired in the game’s current state.



Can you make traits acquirable by cheats, since the RGN in the game is kinda annoying