Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)


You are a son/daughter of Lady Selena and Lord Eden. Growing up, you are trained into swordplay, etiquette and history. Soon after, you discover that your father had been killed in battle with the king’s men. You become the new lord/lady, holding a small village and a fort named Stonebrieth. With limited coin and only household guards as an army, you must make the right decisions to prepare for war and defend your house. You, of course, have advisors. Baron Harold, your uncle, now landless, an excellent warrior and your swordplay trainer. Lady Selena, your mother, wife to Lord Eden, a diplomat and your most loyal advisor. Werlen, your teacher, a very wise man, a very experienced advisor. How will you prepare against the war?

Features/Planned features:
  • A trait system which affects the playthrough completely. Traits block off, unlock, and uncover secret choices. Furthermore, personality and/or morality traits change the way others see you in the realm. Traits can have multiple or a single tier. Estimated of around 80 and more traits added by the end of the game.

  • Cheatmenu(NOT COMPLETED): The cheat menu boosts your stats, gold, citizen happiness, increases army size and so on. Note, activating it disables achievements.

  • Big replay value: The game is meant to be played more than once. As a noble, you may appoint bodyguards, generals, overseers, spies and diplomats. Change the plot heavily by choosing a character of your choosing. In addition, you may kill many characters with poor decisions.

  • Side-quests: Mini side-quests to investigate, called Miscellaneous quests. They present rewards and are for adventuring more than anything.

  • Stats such as fear, prestige and renown. Influence the way the nobility of Ezaelia thinks of you.

  • 7 basic combat weapons to start out with, all with their specific advantages and disadvantages which affect fighting.

  • Orders, guilds and factions. Join a society of your liking and advance through the ranks, enjoying the benefits of support from your allies.

  • Multiple houses to interact with: Declare wars, forge alliances, murder your way to the top. Do as you see fit.

  • Your actions are remembered by The Five. They’re the creators; the ones who gave life a purpose.

  • Companion system. Go adventure with followers of your choosing.

  • Economy management. Upgrade your fiefs and build cities, towns and castles. Tons of ways to spend your gold.

  • Learn more about the secrets of Ezaelia through exploring: uncover secret artifacts and legendary loot.

Additional Information:

Is this an RPG?
It certainly is not, well, fully, at least. You do have an inventory you manage, along with companions and non-plot related quests, but this is not a game classified as a classical RPG.
What’s up with ROs?
ROs are great in any genre. I do not make it a priority to focus on them, however. I do not plan to fully remove them either, so they’ll be pretty medicore, I hope.
How often are the updates?
I update in a month or so. Usually it’s big. It may take longer but hey, this is free entertainment you’re getting. (Hopefully it is entertaining).
How big will the game be?
I estimate at the least of 500 thousand words. Since it is meant to be a trilogy, that is 1.5 million words in total.
Can I help in the development?
Of course you can. Whether you click the link to become a member of the support team to drop off ideas or just post in this thread, you’re fastening the development of the game.
What will be done about the cheatmenu?
You can already access low level cheats such as the character planner, which lets you add traits. There’s also one to increase some troop classes, gold and other minor things. Rest will be finalized in the finishing state.

  • Should there be a cheat option which allows you to literally become a god and commiting actions such as dropkicking the king and summoning giants?
  • #Yes.
  • #No.

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Aren’t interest check is still count as wip though?


Hmm, well, technically, I guess? :smiley:

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I already change the category by the way

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Was about to do that, thanks. :smiley:


You have my attention plus a cheatmenu will be really fun to play around with


Wait… KoV was unsuccessful? I liked it!


Could I convince you to turn the original post into multiple paragraphs?
I’m having trouble reading it, in the current format…


Game sounds great.I love CK so this sounds incredible! Can’t wait to see it?

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Aye, surprised no game(the ones I played) has it. Its supposed to be a little boost if you keep losing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to become a beast. :smiley:


Thank you a lot. Share ideas? :smiley:

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Aye, will do, the device I am using is a bit inconvenient. :smiley:


Hah! Well, the plot was rushed and the writing was very simple. (Childish simple). Thanks though. :smiley:

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Ah, I am just dedicated to my fans…Look at how many times the text was editted. :smiley: Easier to read?

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Well,Im really excited for this new WiP. Im a sucker for medieval times.

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Hah! Same. Share ideas and feel free to ask questions. :smiley:

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I can’t wait for the demo


Not really. :smile:
But I managed to make my brain focus long enough to read it. Sounds interesting, but I can’t really know until I can try it.

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Thank you! Feel free to ask questions and share ideas. :smile:

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You don’t want me to edit the thing again, DO YOU?! :smiley:

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