Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



Is Reconsider a legendary weapon? How can we get it, without cheats?


Which RNG? RNG is, in some situations, meant to be realistic.
In Ulf’s case, he’s a lot harder opponent and I don’t see a way in hell how you can beat him without luck.
I can’t think of other situations at the moment… but yeah, traits will be acquirable through cheats.

Escape in styl-…

Or not.


Nope, reconsider is a verb defined as "changing your mind."
So, an option for if you don’t want to change your weapon.


Well it’s annoying that you have to repeat a scene 20 or 30 times to get the result that you want


Thanks for explaining that and sorry… runs away


I understand. But you must also understand how overpowered I make the MC when they are able to defeat a champion brawler at the age of 16.


Lol, nah, it’s fine. I try to write in simple language as some people are not native speakers and I don’t want them to constantly look up the words in the dictionary.


Is it even possible to win against ulf ?


It is. I think 2 traits and success in RNG is all you need.


::looks at picture::

What about that dagger, the one you get in winning the team melee?


The dagger doesn’t count as a primary weapon and should be used if no other weapons aren’t present.


How do you save dander


Warn him at the first feast by having the persuasive trait. Then, at the final day, tell Harold to observe while you try to save him.


You have to have the trait persuasive


Thanks but how do you get that trait


When managing the house, train your skills, select diplomacy and then the persuasive trait.


Thanks for the help…


I usually like to drop clues in random locations which might help later on. Of course, there is no way of knowing if you found a clue or just an useless piece of information. That’s why you should have your eyes peeled.
Introducing the character planner (trait cheat):

It’s broken down into Martial, Intrigue, Diplomacy and Miscellaneous traits.


How many traits are there


32 in total if I counted right. I’ll recheck later.
I counted 10 for martial traits.