Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



Yes! Now I stand a chance agains Ulf!


That’s luck based…


Mostly luck based, you mean. Without those traits, you stand no chance at all. With it, you have at least a bit.


I know but I’ve tried it 27 times with different traits, all fail. Even if it’s just mental this will help me


Oh well, that’s horrible. There’s only one solution for you then, my friend. You’ll have to wait for TRUEKING to finish its development to bypass all checks.


Good luck man keep trying


No need for different traits, you only need two.
Endurable and strong. Both achievable in a single run. And then lots of luck.


Oh, I only got the brawler trait and matched it with others,… I’m gonna beat ulf right now


Any of you got any favorite minor characters you’d like to see recruited into your court?
(They don’t have to be given a name, any character who you can strike up a conversation with and isn’t vital to the plot’s development is minor).


Uhh, now that I have the endurence and strong and therefore I can’t get the brawler trait I can’t beat “fury” therefore I can’t even meet up with ulf… what did I do in life to deserve this

I dont have any charecters I really want in my court to be honest


You can win over Fury without any traits at all, unlike Ulf.


Never mind it somehow just won after 20 TIMES


No characters? What did Roderick do to you? ):
Also, rechecked:
10 martial traits.
6 intrigue.
6 diplomacy.
10 miscellaneous.
32 in total.


I…I DID IT! After 123 re try’s ( I counted) I finally have become the champion of the south!

also how did he regrow an arm?


Didn’t you ask him that? He does give an answer.


He said a god regrew it, and I don’t have fantasy traits on so I know he is lying… right?


More precisely, holy water he said. It’s tricky business, you should find it out yourself.


Ohhh, yeah that makes more sense. Well I’m off to gloat to everyone I know thanks!


I did ask it previously, what’s wrong with minor characters?
Like, you’d not even want Roderick?


Well it’s not that they are bad it’s just, I’m a loner kinda guy so I already don’t like anyone. Besides the ones we have are already good enough in my poinion

Granted having Rodrick would be pretty badass, but you keep pushing him… he is a traitor isn’t he