Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



Very few characters are traitors on default. I can confirm, Roderick isn’t one of them. Most characters will turn on you if you’re an incompetent and a bad ruler.
Edit: You’ve seen the Vulfram example, haven’t you?


Whew, close call. Nope, just paranoia


Well, Damin’s pretty cool. You know, the guy at the tavern… writing Blood and Steel.


I would recruit him right now if I could


I’ll try to give some minors more scene time. Maybe the weaponsmith will return sometime. And you’ll perhaps meet the captain at the docks, again.


Can we name our fiefdom


It’s not quite “recruit into my court” but I wouldn’t mind trying to make that merchant with the exotic wares my spy. Can’t quite remember his name.

Would like to see more of that ship’s captain, but depending on how close we are to the sea his long-term usefulness might be limited.

They’re the only ones that pop into my head at the moment. I mean, Roderick is great and all but I already hired some guy to train my troops. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of him.


Your castle is already named but if you construct a town, city, village or a fort, then you can name them.


The merchant’s name wasn’t given so you wouldn’t be able to remember it. :smile:
Interesting enough. Sea is not even a concern since you don’t own any fiefs near it. Maybe very late-game.
I can predict Roderick being selectable as a bodyguard since he has no skills in leadership.


At the assassination seen, when I choose I’ll try to keep him safe while you observe, I get an error pop-up saying newbegginings line 13012: bad label blocked.


I forgot to delete the command and include a “WiP”, but it doesn’t change anything. The game’s over at that point.


Goodness lol. Even with almost every trate at my disposal I just can’t seem to defeat iron fist. I hope there will come an update where we can beat him more effectively and toss lady luck out the window. Other than that, great game. Keep up the good work.


You only need two traits as I said above. The rest… well, loading works…


Perhaps diplomacy can work. Or not.


R.I.P the Mc…


That is yet to be seen.


Knowing my character I’m mostly likely to die


Knowing my own game, you certainly won’t die, don’t worry.


Can you win the joust?


Yes. You can. Would you like to know how?
Edit: You can win illegally and legally.