Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)





I believe to win legally you need the “strong” trait and have trained in jousting.


To train in Jousting, try for a good relationship with Roderick, or else he’ll decline.


What are ways you can bring it up


You can meet with the shady man and rig the jousting event or just before the event, go visit Roderick and tell him to train you in the usage of lances. You must have a good relationship though. Strong trait needed too.


How high do I need it


At the least of 15 or higher.


I was thinking about the Alchemists saving you with some sort of a Magnum Opus book… but I changed my mind…


It would be cool to make a background story of mc’s house


That would heavily limit the ability for me to introduce the pre-set characters, since by background story I imagine one with heavy impact. But, you are, in a way, creating the history since there is a time gap before the invasion.


I have a question. Will this be a full game in one part, or will it be a series?


I intend it to be a trilogy, so, not a full game in one part.


Implementing a (very uncreative) idea of mine I have had for a long time now.
I think it’d be cool to see, or so I’d like to say.


I have some criticism, although i haven’t played it fully through i would prefer if there were more dialogue options besides listing questions for me to ask, other then that the games good. :+1:


Thanks. I’ll try inserting more choices during dialogues.


newbeginnings2 line 716: bad label councillmanaging


House Management #2 in the current state is completely broken. Until I update, at least.


I playng the demo and see this, is the same error? I thought it would be good to notify


Yes, it is the same error, but thanks for notifying.


Can I beta test the game?