Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



I wouldn’t say it can be called “beta” at the current state, despite it having around 100 thousand words, but sure, I’ll invite you to the thread.


A real fun experience. Not enough trait systems these days.


I’ve only seen it in Tin Star (2 traits, I think), but thanks.


If there is a separate thread for testing, add me in please! I love the premise!


Okay, sure. It is a seperate thread and I added you.


I love the game so far! Can I test as well?


Yeah, okay. Thanks. Will do.


How about me? Can i test?


Okay, sure.
God damn it the post needs to be at least 20 characters long so this extension should be enough.


I would like to participate as well :blush:


I would like to participate as well just finished beta testing keeper of sun and moon


Welp…this is a wonderful thing so far dude…I wuv it so much already…mmmm…and honestly…i love anything medieval


Thank you. I appreciate it.


No problem dude…keep up the good work…


Can I join the test as well?


I’ve began working on a(n) (experimental) feature. The game, or, specifically, Ludite, being aware of your resets and/or deaths.




What do you think?


Ow hell yeah god of war can’t wait to see this in action.


This is already in the game though. I was showing off Ludite remembering how many times you’ve died. (That isn’t in the game).


everything that has to do with a god of war can’t end well…look at kratos…but it could be interesting


It could be. Maybe. Maybe not.