Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



So is there anything new or you’re still working on it


I’ll settle for the latter. There is nothing new, for now.




You’ve probably seen that the feature is incomplete since you deleted your post, but still putting it out there.


Yes I did. Sorry for that.
Thanks for responding. I thoroughly enjoyed Blood & Steel demo. Will wait for further updates whenever they come. :smiley:


Is their a beta test? If so I would like to beta test if possible.


I am afraid the game is in no shape to be labeled in its beta state. The best access to early content is acquired through becoming a tester, which you already are – and even that link is outdated. Simply put, no, there is not.


I was wondering because I remembered having access to the beta but then it seemed as if The beta link was out dated thank you for informing me


I am currently not fit to continue working on it, intending to commit an overhaul and possibly try pushing its content to a form which might be accessed by everyone, though now in a complete way.


Ok good luck and I wish you well


This has the potential to be a great game. If you r still accepting testers then I’d love to help.


I do accept testers but I am not currently working on this project.
Nonetheless, I shall invite you.


R u working on any other projects at the moment or r u just taking a break from everything.


No, I am just taking a break though I also have another project paused.


Hey, I was playing through the games when I found a bug. In the siege of Ravenwarf, when the games asks you to choose with which of your allies to stand, everytime I try to choose an option an error message appears with “bad label namestand” and the game freezes. I tried it multiple times and it did the same thing every time. Is it a problem on my side or a problem from the game? And if it is a problem from the game, can you fix it? I cannot advance through the games because of it.


Yeah, can’t fix it. Because that’s the end of the game. Will rewrite the entire demo in September, sorry, can’t help with that at the moment.


I can’t wait to see where this game goes my friend it’s a great story and universe.


I absolutely love this game! I hope it keeps getting worked on and updated, because this is definitely one of my favorites. :clap::star_struck:


The update comes with GoT’s new season.


Or maybe with the Winds of Winter?