Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)




If I remember correctly the first isn’t a bug, there aren’t archers implemented in the game yet, at least not for the mc


True, don’t mess around with more complex cheats just yet. Increasing stats and gold works fine, others I can’t guarantee.

As for the second one, yeah, a bug, thanks!



Yeah, I should address a few things…

Why are you only playing the prologue when I have tons of other scenes written? If you haven’t been up-to-date with the news, I am rebalancing, reinventing, rewriting and overhauling the entire game. The rest of the content, for now, is the same, so I have cut it out.

Expect remade battle system.
Remade traits. (You can already see some examples in the demo).
Better ROs.
More management.
Author returning from holidays.

Tell me of your thoughts about the new prologue!


I think that it would be clearer for it to be written “before you’re interupted” than “before interupted”.


Yes, both forms are correct, but sure, why not.


the cheat menu seems to not work for me


Have you tried the “custom settings”? It gives you the option to turn on the cheat code menu.


i did (20 character)


I really like the new prologue, it makes the story seems more realistic and even more interesting and if the rest of it is changed the way the prologue has been you’ll have an excellent story, well done.


Even if it doesn’t work, the cheats aren’t really best used in the intro…


I’m glad you made this game I’ve been playing it since the beginning and beta tested i can’t wait to see how it comes to full growth


I am still a beta tester correct or do you have to re-add people with this update? Sorry to bother you


I mostly removed cheats due to the fact that they are indeed useless in the demo. The second reason was because it was unfinised and some people accidentally crashed their games by messing around with it.

I am glad you enjoyed it! I think it’s far better too myself.

You are still in, don’t worry.


Return the cheat menu please and add more cillage and castle management. Also should be added more houses and romance options.


Yes, this was only the prologue. I’ll return the cheats in a more finished state.


A good thing to add at the end of the game’s development would be to be able to wage war against any household you want to expand your wealth, territory, or just by vengeance at a point in the game. I know it takes a lot of work to implement mechanics like this, but it could really add depth to the game, as being a lord implies being able to just declare wars arbitrarily.


I intend to, but the story will be pretty linear until mid-game. Then, once having the appropriate resources, I am sure that’ll be managable.


It’s looking beautiful my good man real amazing work.


I really like what you’ve done with this rewrite. Take care of yourself and give yourself time.