Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



I really like what you’ve done with this rewrite. Take care of yourself and give yourself time.


So, either having issues or I reached max member limit for the testing thread – can’t invite more people.

On the other hand, let me drop the shameless server ad for the game. Don’t know if anyone will actually join or not, but it’s a great way to chat.


Do you mind if i join?


It’s a server for everyone, so not at all. Feel free.


Just posting a reply so that the topic doesn’t close


I don’t think that’s necessary.
The interval for the auto-lock is a whopping 3 months.

If anything, it might clutter the site top-page with unnecessary notification.


Yeah it won’t close since the next update will surely be before 3 months and I post about it in replies, and I doubt even without it nothing will happen.


It can take as long as you want, but if at the end of development, you do not let the MC have bastards with at least three different women, I’m going to be upset with you.


I am not sure about a specific number, but I am cool with bastards. They deserve some respekt too.



This one shouldn’t have (m)any errors, but it may have issues determining which troop types to deduce from the army, so if you see a negative number in the army stats, please do report it!


Hi Im new here and this may be a dumb question but I really enjoyed the prologue and wanted to know how I could play the rest of the game thats been done.


You can’t if the game isn’t 100% finished. Wait until it is ready for beta testing someday or at least until it is published and purchase it through a play store platform.


What is the surname of the character Eric?, because when I read the story the first thing that comes to mind is Eric Cartman of South Park, and that my MC was Kyle hitting him.



Yeah, needed to add that, thought I did.


can’t wait for the full demo


Are you content with the descriptive, graphic and brutal combat so far, or do you prefer for it to be simple, less chaotic and not so detailed?

  • Yes, I am satisfied with the current writing.
  • No, I am not satisfied with the current writing.
  • Other (replies).

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Feel like I should make a statement about the progress of the game:

One new achievement.

Reference book.

I’ve gotten most of the combat out of the way, now working on a drafted ‘tech tree’ and house management.


I love the current writing it is a massive improvement.


Back with another poll, hope I am not overabusing it.

Since marriages in Ezaelia are patrilineal (children belong to the father’s dynasty), how do you feel about matrilineal (children belong to the mother’s dynasty) ones?

  • The MC will be locked into patrilineal marriages if female.
  • The MC, if female, will be locked into matrilineal marriage.
  • Have it as a game setting.

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Could be so that its always patrillineal in hardened and on the default setting the child always belongs to your house.