Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



Having it as a setting sounds like a good idea.


I’ve finished the siege for quite a bit now, but since you’ve not heard any news in a while, enjoy this small scene in which you see a limb being cut off.


Now that is brutal and gritty i love it.


Sorry for still not updating, but while waiting:

Would you prefer that unrecruited characters appear in the game, perhaps on your rivals’ side, or disappear entirely?
Ex: Not choosing Layne/Vulfram results in either joining someone else.

  • I’d prefer they remain in the story.
  • I’d prefer they be removed from the story.

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It would be great if they remain well until you have them hanged on your castle walls for supporting your Rival.


Write at your own pace, my dude. We can wait for a quality product.


They’d essentially just be prisoners since they didn’t betray you - you just turned them down by not recruiting. But not every unrecruited character will go join a lord/lady, they might just stay a freelancer.


Still they did go against me by serving my rival anybody who serves them will get death.


Considering almost everyone is your rival, if they hadn’t, well… they’d be unemployed.


I guess that means there will be a lot of dead then.


Yes, besides those unemployed. Here’s the benefit of that at least.


How many of them can you employ anyway.


Definitely not many at the starting choices.
Vulfram won’t settle for a less prestigious rank than a general, don’t choose him and he leaves. It’s never mentioned, but he’s out of your reach forever after that.
Layne’s competency only expands to tactics, so you can’t quite employ her on a spot other than general.
Somewhat similar to other choosable characters at the start as well.


I just feel like Vulfram can’t be trusted he is a great general but i feel like he would back stab you at the worst moment.


Why’s that? There’s been no instances of anything implying that he’s one.


I don’t know i just a get that vibe from him.


So, basically posting to say I’m updating the Discord invite because of trolls/bots joining. Hopefully it works.

And to make this post at least somewhat worthwhile…

Cheat that allows you to see characters’ stats/traits.

Updated house tab.

Bear fight 2.0 even harder.

Customizable personal room.


sooooo will there be cheats ?




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