Blood and Steel (WiP) (Updated 11th of September)



Oh, wow. I am honestly surprised. Well, on the bright side, you get to experience a new scene you’d otherwise miss if you didn’t get captured… yay?


two issues ive had with the wording thus far.

  1. when you have the female commander and ambush enemy, after slaying enemy commander “maybe he was like some eternal legendary warrior or something” really breaks immersion for me.

  2. when attacking outlaws with knight met at inn "You’ve suffered a few casualties of your own - some squires and sergeants have succumbed to their wounds. ", is not accurate. Stats show I only have 20 recruits and 15 militia. Should be changed to a few militia or show the knight lost a few of his troops not your own.

other issues:

  1. i dont see the number of my castle guards reflected anywhere
  2. all prisoner options were greyed out. was only able hire hire or not hire them as troops. on my first playthrough i was able to ransom them.

The tourney also seems to drag a little too long imo. I was eager to get back to my keep and manage my kingdom.


The woman general seems a little too bland and dismissive. I understand that is your attention but as a ruler and her superior her attitude on;y makes her seem autistic (staring at table, responding with one word nonsense answers.


you don’t rule a kingdom


General Layne was tortured by the enemy a few years ago and sometimes acts very irrationally, she wouldn’t be the same if she wouldn’t act with nonsense (imo crazy ppl are funny)


Can we romance layne?


The enemy commander is always male, so what’s the issue there? The knight you follow in battle commands the men and they aren’t your soldiers.
You do not bring in your own men.
Castle guards are there on default, but I didn’t think anyone would want it displayed.
I bet the prisoner options greyed out is becase of the save slots: to perform a full reset, clear browser cache. I can not fix the save slot issues.
The tourney is a place to gather allies, meet new characters, etc. I think it is a fine size though.


Right now? No. In the future? Definitely. Same with Vulfram.


How do we stop the assasination of Lord Dander ?


Have both the persuasive and the perceptive trait. Warn Dander beforehand when you realize that they’re plotting against him. At the final day of the tourney, his guard will talk to you at the feast and then you can tell Harold to observe while you try to keep him safe.


Ok thanks :grin: (20 char)


Any suggestions for the dungeon scene?


fiefdom, whatever. …kllkl


She doesnt read like someone wo is irritable or irrational or has PTSD. She reads like she is rude and dismissive and most likely very low IQ. it seems unfitting for her to address a noble in such a way.


1.i had selected the female commander, i forget her name. yes the enemy commander is male, that’s not the critique i had. the wording when i kill the enemy commander, to me, detracted from the story.
“maybe he was like some eternal legendary warrior or something" is the problem area.

2."You’ve suffered a few casualties of your own - some squires and sergeants have succumbed to their wounds."
maybe could change this to show that they are not the players troop but rather the knight’s troops the player was fighting with.

in all i enjoyed. look forward to more!


for dungeon escape - intrigue option, steal guard uniform or talk your way out. or for a leader releasing other prisoners and leading an escape could be an option.


Severe torture can drive anyone mad. She probably has more than one mental disorder.
I see what you mean in the siege scene.
Your own troops means your companion’s unified forces since the game never says you brought your own.
You can break out with your cellmate, prove innocence at the trial, or break out on your own.


Being imprisioned could be an opportunity for the MC to meet a new companion perhaps?


Yes, your cellmate who you may recruit.


What do you want next?

  • A damn battle at last.
  • More house management.
  • More work on the current poorly made ROs.
  • Miscellaneous adventures.

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