An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019


Hello! Two new scenes with Avery available! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile :sweat_smile:

Also, to stay on track, I’m planning on uploading two more scenes by the end of next week. Wish me luck lol.



Can i suggest something? Idk if its my account or what, but I cant receive notifications whenever there is an update in your work. I was hoping it u could add like a date tgt with the title like An office romance game - Updated: Dec 9, 2018. Just a suggestion, it’ll allow us to see your update quickly. :blush:



Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t there be a relationship bar for Avery also, it’s just surprising that no one has picked up on it yet

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This is just a personal suggestion and entirely based on my reading preferences, so feel free to ignore it. Would you consider possibly breaking up large paragraphs into several smaller paragraphs? It gets a bit hard to read long paragraphs of text and I end up skimming, which I really don’t want to do on a game meant to be about reading. :sweat_smile:



That’s a great suggestion @Avid_reader! As for the notifications, I might have the same problem. Sometimes I don’t get notifications when people reply to the thread. I’ll need to figure that out.

You’re completely correct @Sovereign. I wanted to finish the storyline first then go back and update all the coding. So that’s coming soon. Any thoughts on Avery?

Hi @trevers17! I feel the same way, When I’m writing with indents and code in Sublime Text, it’s hard for me to see how long my paragraphs are. Will be more mindful of it as I write/rewrite. What did you think of the story?



I think the story is pretty good and I like the goals the MC has, I just feel like the characters could be fleshed out a bit more. I found myself not really caring about any of the characters except for Julian, simply because she had the most agency and was the least interested in the MC, which made me love her. The only characters that really feel unique to me are Julian and Anne, simply because they aren’t perfect. I wouldn’t mind some more complexity for Julian since she seems to universally hate me for no reason even when I’m nice, and I wouldn’t mind getting a bit more in-depth personality for my coworkers even if I’m not romancing them.

Another factor I think plays a key is that there are many instances where the narrator describes what a person says instead of letting the person… say it. If this is a style choice, that’s totally fine. It just feels a little inconsistent, and I find myself becoming more attracted to actual dialogue because there’s so little of it. It sort of makes me gloss over the characters.



Thank you so much for considering @CammyCamaro! It’ll make us see your update quickly. :heart:

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Thanks for the feedback @trevers17! That’s interesting, I always wondered if flawed characters or paragons were more desirable in a romance story. I do agree though, that giving characters flaws makes them more relatable and complex. Ah sorry, I have a tendency to tell rather than show and it shows up in the dialogue (or lack of) sometimes. Hoping to improve that as I go through rewrites.

No, thank you @Avid_reader, that was a great idea! Speaking of updates, what do you think of Instagram? I figured it would be another avenue to let people know about updates and interact with you guys as well.



@CammyCamaro It is possible to go overboard making characters flawed. In my opinion, our MCs don’t love people for their flaws but in spite of them. I think for a lot of people, we pick ROs for their character strengths not their character flaws.



I have an attraction to negative characters in general because, written well, they can actually make some pretty interesting comments on society and provide a perspective that a vast majority of people reject. I’ve been in their position many times in my life and I think they can be very complex.

As a rule of thumb, people love characters with flaws and quirks. So Anne and Julian are very interesting because they aren’t as perfect as the other characters, which gives them more depth. You have wonderful places to start with the ROs!

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Hmmm. You could start a poll and list some of the social media platform for you to know which one to create. (You can see which sm they are active) But personally I’m good with either instagram or tumblr :stuck_out_tongue:



Personally I’d prefer facebook or twitter…or reddit, but no one ever seems to think of reddit. Tbf I know it’s format is different. So yeah, a poll would probably be best, especially as the game isn’t out yet I guess for the moment it’s aboutinforming existing fans rather than attracting new ones? Yeah, I’ve got no idea of the demographics of people who follow authors on social media xd.



New update available!

Sorry, I only got one scene done :persevere:. Hoping to upload the next one this Tuesday. And another by the end of the week.

That’s a good point @Norilinde. I remember having a conversation with someone about dating, and how if you have “flaws” is it better to reveal them right away or later on? I don’t know the right answer, but obviously if someone is emotionally invested, they may be more willing to accept certain things.

@trevers17: I agree that people who have flaws and quirks are definitely more interesting. But on a different note, I feel that interactive fiction, in a way, sells fantasy. The ability to make choices you normally wouldn’t. Experiment without real consequences. So with that mindset, I wonder if paragons would work because of the fantasy aspect.’

Thanks for the suggestions @Avid_reader and @CreepyPastaKittyFay! I’ll definitely do a poll. But I’m leaning towards Instagram just because it’s the only social media platform I use haha. I mean, it would be nice to attract more people, extra feedback is always useful. Lol, I follow authors on Instagram!



In my personal opinion - and people may disagree - I think flawed characters are interesting in any setting, fantasy or otherwise. I’m never really drawn to paragons. They’re just… perfect, so they’re boring. There’s nothing to explore. Like with Jillian, there’s so much we can explore. Why does she hate us? What happened between her and Tyler that made her this way? Is Tyler really to blame for her defensiveness? Does he lie about Jillian to cover up his own faults? Why is she obsessed with him
if he does? That’s infinitely more interesting to me than, “Jillian is bad, Tyler is good.”



Hey there! New update available! Sorry for being a day late.

I’m considering other ways to keep you guys posted on updates and interact with you guys more, too. Please let me know in the poll!

  • Instagram
  • Discord
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

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I agree @trevers17 , characters (dare I say, people :no_mouth:) that seem typical and cookie-cutter tend to be less interesting because they’re predictable. But I think sometimes people want the predictability. Like how most romance novels follow the format of: an almost perfect lover who has a fatal flaw, which the main character fixes, then they live happily ever after.

I’ll likely have a mix of both flawed and typical characters. It’s a choice game, after all, so it’ll be nice for people to have options. Great questions about Tyler and Jillian, by the way. Will have hints/answers for you as I do the rewrites.



Remember to keep anything you upload to Tumblr these days backed up. Their porn detector is kinda random.



i hope you can make it so you can play as a male or female :grin:

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I would recommend either re-naming your game or rewriting the description. The description says it’s about trying to become a full-time employee, not romance. Yet the game itself seems very…uninterested in exploring being a valuable employee. It’s way too socially focused, with constant options to meet people, spy on people, ask about people, but very rarely anything even remotely associated with learning the job. You don’t even get a chance to check out the company website until AFTER the interview.



Thanks @Ramidel! I’m not too familiar with Tumblr so thanks for the tip!

Hey @wolf12344! Ah sorry, I’m going to keep it from a female’s perspective. Honestly, I struggle to finish the game. And I wouldn’t want to put in a male playthrough unless I could do it justice, as in massive rewrites.

Hi @kckolbe! Def not trying to mislead people, I hope it didn’t come off that way. I figured “Office Romance Game” would be sufficient, since it’s a romance game set in an office? Sorry, I’m still working on the title. As for the description, I’ll update it to emphasize the romance focus. I agree, the office aspect is secondary to the romance.

Hey everyone! Made an update to the game. New scene is when you go to happy hour and decide to hang out with Billy after. As always, thanks for all your comments and patience :slight_smile:



YES! I’ve been wondering when the next update would be. I guess I got the answer :smiley: