An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019

Hey there! My choicescript game is set in an office. The main character is a temporary employee who is looking for love and a permanent job. She wants it all!

Make the “right” decisions to become a permanent employee. Make friends, defeat or befriend your rival, romance a love interest (or two, or three :wink:). How you play the game determines who and what you gain at the end.

Still a work in progress. Let me know what you think, I’m happy to chat!



Will there be an option to play as a male? Sorry, no. I’m leaving it gender locked because my goal is to finish. I’d only put in that option if I could do it justice, as in do major rewrites. But this project has been ongoing since 2013. I’d like to finish, for sure.

How often is the story updated? I don’t have a set release schedule. That’s probably why it’s taking me so long to finish :sweat_smile:. But I try to do an update every few weeks, if life doesn’t take over.


Hey Cammy,

I got an error message when playing. Where should I send it?

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Hi Jessamyn,

Sorry about that! If you can please leave the details of the error in this thread I’d appreciate it. Hopefully there isn’t too many bugs,

Thank you!

What were you doing when the error occured?

Error: line 254: invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block
Scene: first discussion
Line: 2346
Stack: skipTrueBranch@

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:18.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/18.0
Load time: 1358321852022
Persist: localstorage

{“intelligence”:59,“politics”:60,“popularity”:63,“love”:“50”,“rival”:“50”,“tokens”:“0”,“sceneName”:“first discussion”}


This is a very promising start. I’m looking forward to seeing how the game develops.

It might be interesting to give the player the option of claiming to have skills which they don’t actually have. (In my experience, this isn’t uncommon in an office environment.)

Some of the responses that you can give to your colleagues could also seem a bit presumptuous for a temp during their first day on the job (e.g. telling people that you’re a great leader).

Had you considered about breaking these interactions into two choices (e.g. “what are you going to tell them that your greatest strength is?” and “what’s actually your greatest strength?”)


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Error: line 170: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.
Scene: first discussion

@Jessamyn: Thank you for the info and for playing! I was able to fix the bug.

@Protagonist: I definitely know what you mean about co-workers claiming to know how to do something then falling short of their boasts.

I like your idea of letting the main character lie about his/herself. I did put in a stat about “playing the game” which toggles between Smooth Talker and Honest Joe. Originally, my intention was that if someone was a Smooth Talker, they are more persuasive. I think I’ll put more options to lie in the game to incorporate your idea. If they’re too much of a Smooth Talker it can trigger suspicious responses from other characters. If they’re too much of an Honest Joe, they cannot lie successful often, but may get away with it a small percentage of the time.

Haha adding the presumptuous responses would be an easy way to deduct from the popularity stat!

No, I haven’t considered breaking the interactions into those type of questions. I think it would be a fun option to let the main character lie. However, keeping track of the number of lies, as opposed to tracking the actual lie, seems easier choicescript wise. But I’ll definitely think about it.

Thank you for all your suggestions!

@rosequeen22: Thank you! Hopefully, I’ll have the next section up soon :slight_smile:

@DreamWalker: Thank you for info and for checking the game out! I think I’ve fixed it.

line 254 invalid indent

This comes up when i try to get coffee with bob

Can we choose our Gender, a brief description what our character look like and name ?

that would make the story better

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Seems like it could be good, although being a slice of life style game it seems like character customization would be important.

@Xt1000305: Thank you for the info, I was able to fix it :slight_smile:

@diamondgirl: I agree with you. I want the player to be able to choose the gender and name of the character. However, for now, I’m gonna write it from a girl’s perspective just to make it easier for myself. I’m planning on adding the male perspective after I have a majority of the game written.

I do like the idea of customizing the main character’s looks. My concern though is that since it’s a text based game the description may get lost or forgotten unless it’s constantly brought up. I’m considering drawing accompanying pictures for all the characters. Maybe I can draw several options for a female or male main character which players can choose from?

Thank you for your feedback!


@Shoelip: Yes my game doesn’t have the usual, exciting locales most choice of games have so I really have to make up for it through character and plot development. As I mentioned previously, I do plan on allowing players to choose their name and gender, possibly even what they look like (picture wise). I have some character characterization in terms of personality using the stats.

I’m considering occasionally taking the main character out of the office and letting him/her choose what to do at home (go the the gym, online shop). Then those choices can lead to an attractiveness stat.

Can you please elaborate on what character customization you’d like to see? Thank you for your comments!

Okay. The love-life stat is massively railroaded, as it assumes you’ll be wanting either of Mark or Bob, and there’s no way to damage your score with both of them (the way it’s written, being a jerk towards Bob automatically scores points for Mark and vice versa). Some of us would like a playthrough where we can focus on our work and not have a romance. And some of us would like an option for our office-lady to try to romance Jill, of course.


@CammyCamaro I think the looks of the character is not really important, just let the players imagine what they look like in the game.

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Hmm… At 100 Jill would be my best friend and at 0 she’s my Bitter enemy… I’m guessing 75 is Friends, 50 for Rivals and… 25? Also, It was funny to see the Bob/Mark relationship stat. xD