An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019


Ok so far when playing, my MC is working out and gets a text that Avery wants to talk then when I click to continue my MC is fixing breakfest

Never mind found the scene

The problem the first time around was the demo stopped right when Anne show the MC their desk

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Hi @Eric_knight! The game is coding fine at that part. I think it seems abrupt because I need to write a transition between getting the interview and being asleep. Will def work on that. Thanks for letting me know!

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Sorry… i was thinking the scene was after i work up , but i found the scene you meant after continue reading … it was after interview and i read the part where Avery txt MC already…

My apology for the post earlier… i now can continue reading the demo , about the Avery scene you mention, it was cool… especially for the book discussion conversation :slight_smile:

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This is different from what I like to read, yet it caught my attention. Looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

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This is great. There are too few games that focus on romance. I’d love it if you got to finish this and I’d be first in line to purchase it! Keep it up. :wink:



Thank you @Megus for going over the errors with me in detail. Grateful for the help!

No worries @Eric_knight! There wasn’t a strong transition between the two scenes so I totally get it. Glad you liked the MC’s conversation with Avery :slight_smile:

Thanks @Avid_reader! Just curious, what do you usually like to read?

You’re sweet @BRAD_Piselle :blush:. Going to try my best to finish the storyline this month!



I am wondering , this is a gender locked female MC right ? Although i do feel that the interaction with the MC didn’t necessary felt like it was between a female MC and her potential friends/suitors … the only noticeable indication where MC is a female is when the 2 male colleagues were trying to attract MC with conversation and especially Billy mentioned both of them were asking about the status of MC… oh of course the disappointment of Billy when MC choose the choice of regarding Billy as friend :slight_smile:



Hey guys! New scene with Avery added. It’s right before the big presentation. Thanks for playing :slight_smile:!

Hi @Eric_knight! Yes, the MC’s gender locked female. I agree, I think the largest indicator the MC’s female are the clothing options. Long story short, my original intention was a game that can be played from a male/female perspective. But now that my priority is to actually finish, I’m staying with one perspective. If you’re interested, there’s been some comments/questions on this thread about the MC’s locked perspective. Do you have a favorite romantic interest so far?



Still no time to play :’( but pleased with your decision to keep it gender locked :slight_smile: . As you said it’ll make it much easier to finish, and hell if you finish this game before guenivere(sp) I believe it’d be the first female gender locked game? Claim to fame much? xd



is not the first, there is already a female locked gender game released … the courting of miss bennet…:wink:

is unfortunate that it will be gender locked since i never play or buy games gender locked but i wish you the best.

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Usually, I’m into medieval setting and sci fi, yet this is an exception since your work deffo got my attention! :smiley:

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For a female MC’s perspective… i suppose Billy ( the best friend) is the best choice for a female MC :slight_smile:



@CammyCamaro I’m not sure if this is answered in game or was asked before (if it was, apologies!!) but how exactly did the MC meet Billy? Is there any chance the player could decice that ourselves?

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You’re super busy @CreepyPastaKittyFay, hope you can catch a break soon and relax! Even if Office Romance was the first female gender locked game, haha I don’t know if it would be famous in a good way, since the gender-locking seems to be a sticking point :sweat_smile:. I’m guessing not a lot of games do that?

Sorry @djisma69, my primary goal is to finish the game. But if it wasn’t gender-locked, does that mean you’d play/buy it for sure :wink:?

I’m a fan of both those genres, too, @Avid_reader! Any recommendations, interactive novels or regular books? I’m currently reading the Red Rising series.

@Eric_knight: Billy’s a popular one! I guess it’s hard to turn down all that devotion, haha.

Hi @Vox! Actually, I don’t have a backstory for how the MC and Billy became friends in the game. And you’re the first to ask about their history! Did you mean letting players decide if they want to be close friends with Billy? If so, considering Billy’s the MC’s way into the company, I think he’s too integral to make an optional friend/RO. But players are free to friend zone him at every opportunity! Also, I wasn’t sure if I understood the question, so please let me know if I didn’t answer it.



You should really check out Wayhaven Chronicles, Rightful heir, The War for the West, Guenevere, Unwanted Warrior, Kingdoms: Embers in Ashes, and The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia :slight_smile:



Ah, no :sweat_smile: I meant having an option at some point where the MC could choose how she met Billy. Sorry if that wasn’t clear!

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Thanks for the awesome recommendations @Avid_reader! I’m going to start with Wayhaven Chronicles. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a supernatural piece.

Hi there @Vox! No, I was the one who didn’t understand, haha. I like that idea. I’ve been focusing a lot on Avery’s arc and I realized all the other ROs need more scenes, too! Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but showing how the MC and Billy met would highlight their friendship, which I think may make Billy more desirable.



of course, i actually played it a long time ago and liked it, but i dont enjoy playing as female and even if i played as female, i will always play lesb and it will be less interesting since Billy is a big part of the story… you can guess why it can be a big factor to have your own gender in a game.:wink:



Finally got some time to play the game, still playing through though really like what I’ve read so far :slight_smile: . Thought I’d post these typos that I’ve got so far though, if no one else posts before I finish, will edit this post with any others I find.

At the start "emails, call list, any form of communcation relevant. " *communication
Whilst at the gym “barely have time to catch your breathe when you pick up. " *breath
" At first, your pride made you refuse his over.” *offer

Also I’m not sure these are typos as such, but I’m visually impared and using JAWS on windows(JAWS 16 to be specific) to play your game and words like easygoing and hairdryer are pronounced weird due to not having a space, just thought I’d mention that :slight_smile: .

When you arrive and see the other candidates. ", who in high contrast to two the other two, " *repetition of “to”
“ation. You take a deep breath, focus of what you’re reading” *on what you’re reading?
“curled, blond hair lies lightly just pass her shou” *past

After the interview " sleeping. If you weren’t a night owl, it would’ve have been much worse.

" *would’ve/would have
“Seeing Supra’s area code, you give Mark at quick” *a quick

Edit: will stop here for now, as found quite a few more, but looking forward to reading the rest :slight_smile: .

When at the pub with Billy when you ask about Anne. "by all her certificates that's she's achieved a lot" *that she's

When asking about the other employees "Also, he’s always taking about sports and his gains " *talking
Back at home "outfit for tomorrow. Fox jumps of the coach to follow " *off *couch
"With both sides of the chicken browned, you move the pan to the over to let " *oven

The first choice at the doughnut shop “No, I rather get to work early” *I’d
When meeting Mark at the office “That’s twice is less than 24 hours” *in
When meeting Jillian “I have a lot of accomplish before the staff meeting” *to

Chose to sit next to Mark in the meeting. "next to him, Mark gives you a n acknowledging nod and " *an acknowledging
"You want a permanent position so you definitely to do well on this " *want to do

Whilst with Anne, after meeting Billy for lunch "She tells that that your new, and starts listing " *them that?

After being invited to meet Anne "You’re about the browse the Internet for a quick break " *to browse

After Anne tells she needs you to file things “u hurriedly shoot Billy at a text. H” *remove “at”
When choosing who to ask for help “Jillian. She unfriendly but you’re new. She has to help you, right?!” *she’s
After asking Jillian for help “g. You try to maintain your blank blank fa” *repetition of “blank”
“. “Unpack,” Jillian says, with posh lift of her eye” *a posh
“the empty boxes, waiting for Jillian the finish unpack” *to finish
“'re about to gleefully stop on some boxes to flatten them out for recycli” *stomp



Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face:! New update available! Added another scene with Avery.

I understand @djisma69. Being able to play from the perspective of your choice is important for immersion. If it helps, I introduced a new female RO named Avery, who’s as important to the story as Billy is.

You’re awesome @CreepyPastaKittyFay :pray:! As embarrassed as I am about those errors, some made me laugh (maintaining a blank blank face).