An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019


Yay! @CammyCamaro I’ve been stalking this forum watching and waiting for an update for forever. Never lea e me alone for that long again ok.



I think the update is amazing looking forward to the continued of the game :blush::smile_cat:


Minor, but when you choose who to sit next to during the first meeting, the game says that Matt “introduces himself” because you “haven’t met him yet” even though you’ve run into him twice at this point.


Hello! Update available! The meeting scene has been updated. Thanks for playing :smile:

Do you think a Patience and Reputation stat would be fun? The Patience stat will affect how to react to certain situations. The Reputation stat will affect how easy it is for you to get projects, recommendations, promotions, etc. Please let me know what you think!

Thank you @CreepyPastaKitty for your detailed notes! Everything’s been updated up to the meeting. That should help with the continuity issues to that point.

@anime_king I’ll try my best to update the game every two weeks. My goal is to eventually update every week :grin:

Glad you like the update @Babygirl! If you have any ideas for what else I can improve, please let me know!

Thanks for pointing that out @Hannah_Minger! The scene has been updated.


Haven’t checked new update yet, but yes those stats sound like a good idea :slight_smile: . Will be interested to see how the reputation stat is implemented though, as if it drops too low will getting promoted be impossible/nearly impossible? If so will getting a good relationship stat with someone like Anne be the only way/an alternative way of getting promoted or even just as you said projects and such? Or would it work with both E.G high reputation and high relationship stats=easy to get projects low in both nearly impossible?


Not sure what the problem is for me, but I get the “play again” screen when it’s my first day at work?

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@CreepyPastaKitty: I don’t want the Reputation stat to overpower the story. I was thinking: if the MC’s Reputation is high, opportunities as easier to come by; if Reputation is low, MC has to use personal relationships or do extra tasks to get what they want.

Sorry @attolia , I forgot to add some scenes to Dashingdon. It should be fine now. Thanks for the heads up!

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Is this gender locked? Cause the clothing options are all traditionaly for girls. No options for guys.

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Yes, it says so on the first page of the game itself.

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That’s my what it says.


I meant like, when you click on the game to play. That first screen.


Oh ok that makes sense. Thanks for letting me know.

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Hello there! Short update available! I added a little more to when you meet Mark as he moves into your apartment complex. Also, I added more details about your home life, specifically about your dog, Fox. In the next update, I’ll add the option to select the name of your dog. Thanks your playing :slight_smile:


Hi @CammyCamaro,

When you first check out Mark’s apartment it says:

“Lying on top of the coach is a snowboard painted matte black with shiny black detailing that you can’t make out.”

I’m guessing it’s meant to be couch, right? :slight_smile:


This forum has been quiet for so long I shall speak :blush::laughing:


You aren’t supposed to according to the rules after it’s been more than 14 days.

Not unless you’re the author anyway.


Oh I didn’t know that thanks for telling me :blush:

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Good game! I’m interested to see where goes! Keep up good work!
Have nice day!


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