An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019

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So this must mean that this WIP is in progress! YAY!



@Ventura: :rofl: thank you was able to fix that typo

@Kurvo: Glad you like it! Do you have any character(s) you’re rooting for right now?

@Spyder: Currently out of the country but working on updates. Hoping to have it up in a few weeks. What events would you be interested in seeing?



Loving the game so far. However, is there anyway I can get pass the scene where Anne tells everyone about the promotion?



I really like Anne. I like her bossiness.



@Nisha: are you talking about the part at the offsite Anne reveals there’s a promotion up for grabs? If so, I’m sorry no. I decided to halt game progression there and work on the earlier scenes. I’m a better coder now than when I started so I’m updating all the scenes prior. In terms of future scenes, can you share ideas of what you’d like to happen?

@Kurvo: I always thought people would dislike Anne but she definitely has fans! Glad there’s people rooting for her. Does that mean you’re working on winning her over?



Yes, what I interpreted in my own way is that Anne is unpredictable and wicked. I feel like she’s only using the promotion as bait to be able to seduce the employees to do her bidding. Like she has an hidden agenda so she can get away with what she’s doing because everyone wants her job.



I always saw Anne as more lonely. So she becomes manipulative in order to satisfy that loneliness. She’s definitely interesting to say the least.

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Super cute story line so far!:heart_eyes: Hope to see more. Really hope to see more romance between my character and Billy!:laughing:

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@Nisha: You’re definitely giving me good ideas for the next chapters!

@tooweiss: Thanks for that insight into Anne’s character. I really hope to make the characters well rounded, in the hopes that they don’t seem too predictable or one dimensional.

@Kristina_NRE: Thank you! Billy seems like a favorite! But then again who could resist that kind of devotion :blush:

Hello! It’s been awhile! Big thank you for all your patience :flushed:. Short update available! It’s near the beginning of the story, where you have an interesting conversation with Anne. A definitive moment that will shape future interactions with her. Thank you for playing, I love hearing from you guys!



So is this game female gender-locked? No offense, just asking.




(Twenty characters)

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…Though I think Cammy the author said she has plans to have a male option at some point too, but don’t quote me on that :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Honestly, I’m hoping it stays genderlocked. We need more games dedicated to female audience.



@kitkat Ikr! A lot of the good stories are gender locked male. :unamused: It just seems unfair… I agree with you completely! I seriously hope to see more stories Gender locked female.:smile:



It’d certainly give the game a unique selling point, pretty sure all the gender locked games out now are gender locked male. Plus it’d save a fair bit on writing time too obvs. But I would still stick to playing female either way :stuck_out_tongue: .



I like how it is. if the writer is more comfortable writing genderlocked female then write it genderlocked female. This is the same argument for genderlocked male so… it should be allowed to work here for the same reasons. Moving on, it’s a good story and written in a way I’m able to get into the mindset of the character.



And correct me if i’m wrong, but pretty much the only other female locked games are ‘Guenevere’ which are one of the best games here, character wise, relationship building wise, choices that matter, and i’m really happy and proud about the representation. There’s also the ‘Beast in the Castle’ with so much potential, but that’s it; no other female locked games.
The ratio between male and female locked games tilts dangerously towards male locked games, and it’s quite disappointing for me…



Clearly I would like it if there was a male option as full romance focused games in COG are limited regardless of gender, but I would understand if not. It seems a well done game regardless.



Ok so I just started this WiP, and already on the first page I noticed something:

In my opinion, once the caller asks for the person they are speaking to, it would be a perfect spot to give the player the option/opportunity to add their names.

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