An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019


Is there any choice(or future choice)to make mc own company?


Even though the relationship with Billy is 110% relatively early in the game, the most you can do is hug him?


@deusvult @Vox : Yes, for now, the mc will be a woman. @Vox is right, my initial plan was to allow for a male mc later but keep most of the interactions the same, similar to Choice of Romance. What kind of dynamics are you looking forward to with a male mc?

@deusvult: Now that you’ve pointed out that the only female options are a creepy boss or a jealous girl, I’m at an impasse :sweat_smile: Considering adding another romantic female character. Sorry but Alex is a side character so he won’t be an option.

@SabrinadizaLS: SPOILER ALERT: At this point of the game, no, but I’m considering having the mc run his/her own company at a future installment of the game.

@Uniqueth: Does that mean you wanna do more than hug :flushed:? If you don’t mind pointing out which scene, I’ll look into the stats and the scene events.

Hello! Short update available! I rewrote the job interview scene with Anne at the start of the game. Thanks for playing and commenting!

Can you please answer my poll question? I’m wondering if I have enough material for all romantic options to be somewhat attractive.

Who is your favorite love interest?

  • Anne
  • Billy
  • Tyler
  • Jillian
  • Mark

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I can’t believe you’re making me choose but to be honest so far I’m enjoying Billy, Tyler, and Mark a lot although my fave out of the three is Billy

Also I second what @Uniqueth says. I expected to at least full on makeout kiss when we went to look for him.


glad mark is in the lead :stuck_out_tongue: . My mc only goes for him, billy is a friend so no, tyler is with jillian, anne is your boss, but guess those would appeal to other playing styles.



Jillian can go away now pls.


To be honest I don’t mind having a relationship with a friend as you already know what you’re getting into


I 100% agree, but for me that friend has to be a girl :yum:

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It doesn’t have to be a boy for me to get into a relationship with them, however I prefer males more especially behind the scenes but that’s another matter :laughing:


fyuh glad to know,because I want to be fair boss not like her :unamused:


Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting. Short update available! The update is at the start of the game. I introduce one of the characters earlier and provide more options to learn about your company and your co-workers before your first official day. SPOILER: How you feel about Mark becoming your neighbor?!

Thank you to everyone who answered my poll and left comments! Your help is always appreciated :blush:! Given the results, I’ll work on Anne’s and Tyler’s characters so they can be more attractive options. I see why Anne would be unpopular, but can you please tell me why Tyler is? I was surprised to see him dead last.

@anime_king @Uniqueth: I have a soft spot for Billy as well. But I’m worried about letting the MC do more than hug (anyone) because it would mean committing to that one love interest. Or is it ok to go around kissing everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:? I can add a jealously stat lol!


I like Tyler so others may vary. He used to date Jillian - none of the others have ex’s in the office. Except Anne? Probably also the whole “he’s always talking about sports or his gains at the gym” - Billy. It could also be the whole show not tell thing that writers have to do. You do a good job at showing Billy is a good friend. But you haven’t shown that Tyler is a funny dude. You’ve just told us. I want to know the joke he cracked about the presidential debate (or whatever it was, I don’t remember) when you meet him.

Yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Do eet

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I’m also Polyamorous, so if there were a jealousy stat, could it be irrelevant for some characters?

And about Tyler, he’s definitely not a bad character, I think with the options, others are simply more interesting than him.


Of course it’s okay to go around kissing everyone. I’m just the center of the universe so irresistible they can’t keep their lips off so it’s fine


Also, I know you just coded it but I was a little confused that my MC somehow forgot that Mark was his neighbor, not only when he introduces himself at work but also when talking on the phone with Billy, literally 10 minutes later give or take, more likey to be less though. I dislike having a stupid amnesiac MC

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@deusvult @Uniqueth @anime_king: Lol looks like I need to add some kissing scenes! Billy’s would be the easiest, since it makes sense. Worried that for the other characters, it might be somewhat sudden? If the MC can kiss anyone, I think it makes sense that the relationship meter for the others should decrease a little.

@deusvult: I agree I need to develop Tyler’s character more. Will be working on that soon.

@anime_king: Sorry, Mark being the MC’s neighbor is a new detail/decision so I haven’t gone through the rest of the game to account for it. Will be adding new scenes to expand on that development.


Take your time. I’m pretty sure everyone expected as much

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He’s last because everyone who likes him as someone else they like more (me and Billy for example) but that’s just my opinion


New update available! The rewrite stops right before the staff meeting so please forgive me any continuity issues. Thank you for playing!


Ok here’s my feedback. On the first page "f*comment Copyright 2010 by Dan Fabulich.

" shouldn’t be there I guess?
Chose to ask the guys if they know anyone in the company "Chris, who seems like he’s only capable on one serious facial " *of one
chose to wear casual clothes, in the first scene of the Anne interview "response. With a sly smile, she mumbles under her breathe, “Interesting” then " *breath
Said I was a thinker not a doer "big decisions. You take a deep breathe while Anne’s pen busily " *breath

During the scene with my neighbour "He somehat short, cropped hair hints at slightly " *His somewhat
When choosing my outfit before going to work for the first day "appraise yourself quickly. You brush a piece of lint of your shoulder " *off

next scene “The receptionist leaves you in front of Anne office” *Anne’s
"talk about how excited you are to work for a company are awesome as " *as awesome
"conference rooms, you check out what’s she’s wearing to " *what

During the office meeting. Think the choices need rewriting due to the changes before this scene E.G for the option about Mark, it says you haven’t met him yet, but in this new version you have.
During the scene of your first filing task if you choose to get help after choosing the research option "Unfortunately for you, only Jillian is available. She didn’t exactly make you feel welcome. Do you " Same problem, didn’t choose to speak to Jillian in this playthrough, and that didn’t come across as much as when you met her regardless.

Next scene "During another one of your late nights with Mark, say, “Thanks for working so hard” *he says?

When looking through Tyler’s draw "next drawer is full of grooming items like toothbrush and toothpaste, lint roller, " *a toothbrush/toothbrushes

After choosing I’ve researched extensively, but I’m not a good speaker during the presentation “next to the presentation board. You take a deep breathe. You look” *breath

Chose that yes I did steal from Jillian’s notes(after snooping through her desk) and then chose to respond with anger "get in Jillian’s face and tell her that she treats with you nothing but " *you with
chose to try and leave the bathroom "Jillian looks you at you seriously and apologizes

How do you feel?" *delete the first “you”

When Anne stroked my knee, chose to do nothing "She’s suspicious. When Jillian’s gone, Annes gives you a look of " * Anne
"on one’s a few times. I suppose that’s not too bad cosidering " *considering

Loving the update btw :slight_smile: .