All this Prodigal love


I liked Prodigal from the first time I met her, until she killed a lot of people at the end. I like the way she talks and her carefree attitude but the mass murdereing was a major turn off. I romanced Black Magic for eventhough they got rather rude in HeroProject, they never resulted to murder. Black Magic and Prodigal both had a rough past but Prodigal resorted to violence and murder wereas Black Magic did not.
So yes I can understand their hardships but I refuse to accept someone who casually murders people. I agreed to help her but only because we had a common enemy and I needed her help. In Black Magic’s case I kept her secret for she did not have evil intentions and I stood by them in Heroproject because they would’ve been completely alone if not for the MC (this doesn’t mean I romanced them out of pity though, I was merely more accepting of their rudeness).
I do have a lot more respect for Prodigal than I have for Jury though. That guy has no spine and a lot of wrongdoing could’ve been prevented if he had spoken up sooner. For all of his herowork, he just takes the easy one out when it really matters.


i find it disappointing that the author does not seen to keep going with the heros rise story, LOOK, if your going to make an epic story like hero rise, DONT JUST STOP AT THREE, KEEP GOING AS FAR AS YOU CAN WITH IT, otherwise, your trilogy will be a massive let down like the ending of ME3.


thats right i said it, the ending was a pothetic, unsatifying cliffhanger. i have seen other trilogies become more than what they were intended to be, and with how good the heros rise was, i fully expected more than a sloppy ending.


@Zeke Firstly, you’re posting on the wrong thread. This is a Prodigal specific thread and not any of the many more general Heroes Rise threads.

Secondly, while you’re entitled to your opinion, saying that the ending is pathetic is uncalled for, and if you found it unsatisfying perhaps it would be more helpful to actually say what it was you found unsatisfying. Preferably on a more appropriate thread (or feel free to start your own thread about the ending and how you’d change things). I know it’s easy to get emotional when something you love disappoints you, but remember to keep things respectful and constructive feedback is far, far more useful.

Thirdly, while our current protagonist’s story has ended, there are plans for another Heroes Rise game, where we can catch up with many of the other Heroes Rise characters during the second Hero Project.


I liked Jury. I liked Jury because out of everybody in the game, he’s the one person who’s less competent than we are. He’s a joke, he’s the one man we can easily best, he screws up so many times and it turns out he doesn’t even have powers. Even shooting Jenny and (nearly) killing her is not a deliberate act of malice on his behalf but one huge mistake.

Prodigal is a mass-murderer. She doesn’t just kill a few people, she tried to kill millions. She managed to kill hundreds, devastating the Fringe. She can also kill Sonja in cold blood.

Black Magic drains the life-force of the disabled to fuel their own powers and tries to justify it. In the last game Black Magic’s a perfect example of why the infini-powered need to be controlled. They nearly wipe out the world and they’re definitely a huge danger.

Lucky is boring and didn’t really have enough time dedicated to them.

Jenny keeps secrets from you, doesn’t trust you during the Hero Project despite expecting you to trust her and do as she says, and okay I like Jenny. She’s kick-ass, she’s got a great arc from someone helping Heroes to being a spy, going undercover, getting a suit to grant her powers and then gaining those powers permanently.


sorry for letting my disappointment get the better of me, im just used to seeing one sequal after another, like i said before, i have read amazing stories like heros rise that were meant to be trilogies, but have enough excitement of the readers that the trilogies became a full on series instead. i am curious about the new protagonist though, maybe he or she is a child of the MC, maybe he or she is a hero in training and is a big fan of the MC like the MC was of rebelion


before we continue this unrelated topic, please help me get to an appropriate message board, ther are too many for me to look through


@Zeke Have a look here see if there’s any that are appropriate. Note that there doesn’t seem to be anything specific about the endings. However there is a thread on Heroes Rise Heroes Fall that you could post your thoughts in. Hero rise hero fall

Now, if you’re willing to elaborate on your points, and wanting to discuss the ending in specific and why you felt it didn’t wrap things up, you could start your own topic. Remember you must keep things respectful though and it’s best if you explain your points, maybe even mention some things that you liked.

I’ve actually a few criticisms about the ending too. But saying “the ending is pathetic” isn’t helpful. Saying “I was disappointed in the ending because of XXX and I’d hoped for YYY” is more useful, especially if you go into detail about it.

Incidentally if you’d wanted to discuss Prodigal and her ending in specific, and how it disappointed you, then you could definitely do so here, but if it’s more general then.


I was so disappointed that I couldn’t save Prodigal’s life and live with her forever in perfect crazy love. (Unless there is a way, and I failed to find it?) A stone-cold psychopath in love is impossible in our reality - but why question the ability of someone terribly broken to find a soulmate when you already have people running around using superpowers?

I’m more than a little broken, and crazy/cold/soulless/criminal is my favorite type of character. The fantasy is that someone crazier than me could understand me, bring more thrill into my life, and I could expose a more human side of them in return. And, of course, it’s much easier and safer to enjoy that in theory than in practice. For further reading, check out the term hybristophilia and the related studies about the role of violent fantasy in maintaining a healthy psyche… but that is a whole different discussion.

TLDR - in Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf trying to devour grandma is not a wolf, it is a symbol. Characters are partially symbols, and what they do in stories is not always a literal translation of what this means in real life. This always disturbed me about superhero cartoons as a kid - that when the hero punched someone, it wasn’t violence, it was justice; that when the building fell and they saved the falling woman, that someone else may have been inside and overlooked. You need to be able to suspend yourself from reality and its consequences to enjoy that part of the story.

To bring in another game, I recently played Tin Star about ten times. Around my seventh playthrough, I complained, “I love this game, but the person I’m lusting over more than anyone else is Preston! Why can’t I date him??” And then realized I could, and was fangirl-ing all over the place. Oh Preston, with your morals of an alleycat and your fancy clothes. sigh :heartpulse:


Why do people love the Joker?

There’s your reason. She’s killed plenty of people. Doesn’t make her any less awesome.

And, personally, I’d want to help ANYONE turn over a new leaf if I can.


This is from 2014. This is part of the new Zachary Sergei game. Coincidence??

I was so sad when she died. I was happy when she showed back up as an AI personality. If she somehow were brought back into the sequel more, i.e. resurrected, I would hate it. Undoing the past makes me angry, once the author has bothered to make me feel so deeply about someone.

I imagine it would be for a lot of people. :grinning: It probably helps the Team Prodigal fans that they’re fictional people.

People who experience psychosis may have lucid moments or even long rational periods between psychotic episodes, where they can plan things perfectly rationally. And being emotionally crippled has nothing to do with logic; empathy is distinct from rationality, which is distinct from a tendency towards cruel and/or antisocial behavior. For some real fun, visualize them as distinct sliders, play around with extremes, and think how a character with unusual combinations would act. Like a sadistic psychotic with unusually high empathy. I think our dinosaur-loving darling would be a rational, fun-loving, empathetic, psychotic, near-sociopath (Hare’s definition.)


The line ‘You are not ready for this jelly’ was originally said by Prodigal in HeroFall during the romance scene in Gay Gardens. It just so happens that Jelly Kelly uses it later in THP:Redemption Season. In hindsight it’s a bit odd to have two unrelated people make the same joke. Perhaps it’s a more common saying in-universe or MeChip Prodigal made the same joke and JK picked it up as well. Who knows.


Holy crap @Sashira. That post is almost two years old. I don’t even remember what I was talking about anymore.

Regardless it’s just completely implausible to me that a character with who was a lot more sane than her could possibly orchestrate all the events that she did. The fact that she was as detached from reality as she seemed to be makes it just absurd.


I am totally not responsible for this. :innocent: My idea was completely different. I did not suggest turning Prodigal into a MeChip. :wink:


Welcome back @FairyGodfeather :tada:


“I just miss Prodigal.”


That’s… Brilliant!!


i think in third game when we go inside Prodigal mind there is a memory of her mother trying to teach her to use her power by killing her… i don’t think she really understand how important life is :joy:
P/s : poor english,sorry


Prodigal is definitely an interesting character, well-developed and multi-layered, but I was never able to truly see her as a romantic option mostly due to the fact that my MC tends to be a highly moral and ethical person.


i personally like Prodigal more than Black Magic or Lucky…
Black Magic is selfish and can be a bitch sometime and Lucky is too anime - like